Liberals: A Class Perspective

We can be forgiven for not understanding events and currents of distant past, which we can only read about, but we can’t be forgiven for remaining ignorant and continuing to be fooled and fool ourselves and others in the face of glaringly obvious and undeniable facts that are here and now and all around us. What we must finally and once and for all understand and accept, after all these years of Democratic Party politics and neoliberal policies, from Bill Clinton to Barrack Obama, and continuing into the likely presidency of Hillary Clinton, which is current history, is that Democrats and liberals in general, are bigger impediment and threat to progress and social and economic justice than the Republicans and conservatives in general, not because the latter have better or more progressive positions and agenda – obviously they don’t – but because Democrats are better defenders and servants of the ruling 1% because they’re much better at deceiving the public and preventing class consciousness and derailing movements for change. They accomplish this feat not by being more progressive – Democrats have not been progressive or even “liberal” in the true sense of the word, domestically or internationally, since the presidency of Bill Clinton – but because they are masters at lies, deception and false promises, making it nearly impossible for the left to organize a viable alternative to the capitalist rule.

No, I’m not advocating or defending conservatives and I don’t share any of their reactionary and rightwing ideas and I’m not suggesting supporting or voting for Trump or any Republican. But, I do believe that liberals are more dangerous and a much bigger threat to and a much more formidable enemy of the working class and the global poor because they’re by far the more effective, the more sophisticated, the more capable and more competent advocates of the ruling 1%, who can better deceive working people and get them to vote against their own interests than can conservatives. The Rachel Maddows, Chris Hays, Lawrence O’Donnels and other liberal commentators and pundits as well as the Bernie Sanders of the corporate political establishment are more dangerous and more effective enemies of the people in the long run than racist misogynist megalomaniac idiots like Donald Trump, who are much easier to expose and rally people against.

This is the time when people must break with liberals and stop believing their lies before they gradually walk us into fascism. This is the time for the real left to begin considering liberals what they really are: dangerous and potent class enemies of all working poor to be exposed, fought and defeated. Without such decisive break with liberals and without their defeat, there won’t be victory for the working class.


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