Sanders Urges His Supporters to Vote For Clinton

Bernie Sanders to the delegates present at the Democratic National Convention at “Wells Fargo Center” (what an appropriate name for the venue): “We have got to elect Hillary Clinton”. Basically, Sanders is saying to his supporters: you misunderstood me. By “political revolution”, I meant electing a Wall Street shill who is a champion of neoliberal policies, a warmongering hawk who has supported, voted for or pushed for every war that has ever come up, been considered or waged by the US during her entire adult life, someone who has pledged allegiance to the largest international banks and other large corporations, from oil companies to weapons manufacturers to big Pharma, and supported trade agreements that have driven wages down and impoverished the middle class. 

That’s what “political revolution” means to Bernie: continuing on the same path that has increased the “income and wealth inequality”, which he made the focus of his so-called “political revolution”. And who better than Clinton to lead that “revolution”? So, his supporters are now supposed to shut up and quietly be herded into the Democrats’ barn and accept Clinton as the next president (He texted his supporters not to protest!). You wanted change? You got change! Hey at least she’s a woman! That’s something.


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