As Terrorist Bombings Continue, US Pledges To Combat It – Again!


Over 200 were killed and hundreds injured when a car bomb exploded in central Bagdad on a busy shopping street on Sunday, when families were out after the end of the holy month of Ramadan. 

As terrorists keep massacring innocent people in Iraq, everyday, at times amounting to hundreds of casualties a week, let’s not forget who brought this holocaust on to the Iraqi people. The US war on Iraq, on lies, fabrications and false pretexts by the Bush Administration, was one of the most blatant war crimes and crimes against humanity, ever committed against a nation, a travesty which has caused the death of over a million Iraqis and displacement of millions more, and which is still causing casualties, without an end in sight. Those who planned, ordered and executed this devastating and criminal war should have been prosecuted by the International Criminal Court. That the ICC picks and chooses whom to call to the Hague to face prosecution and tries only those it chooses for political reasons and ignores such blatant and devastating US war crimes and violations of established international laws by US leaders shows an utmost hypocrisy, corruption and disregard for the very international laws it claims to defend and protect and exposes such institutions as the ICC as nothing but corrupt imperialist tools.

US arming and funding of ISIS terrorists in Syria, whom they deceptively call “rebels” and “the moderate opposition”, in order to hide their alliance with brutal terrorists, when even their own US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has contradicted them by saying “there are no moderates among Syrian opposition”, is another obvious war crime, which like in Iraq, has caused and is causing numerous deaths and refugees and is destabilizing the entire region. This war crime, committed by President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is also going unpunished and even unexposed by the mainstream media, which goes to show the complicity of the corporate media. 

The US has also been given a free pass on its war on Afghanistan, which has gone on for 15 years. Same goes for literally destroying Libya and rendering it ungovernable and turning it into a haven for terrorists, from which to conduct their acts of terror, with funding from close US ally, Saudi Arabia, with complete silence from US political establishment and their servant media. 

What’s ironic about all this is that the rise of terror attacks, which have been the result of US foreign policy, is now being used as the pretext for even more militarism, military interventions and continued policy of “endless wars”, as the answer to everything, including even problems created and exacerbated by those very military interventions and wars, in the first place. Not only did Hillary Clinton go unpunished for her war crimes in Libya and Syria (and her role in the coup in Honduras), she is now the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, with the best chance of winning the presidency, so she can continue such war crimes for 8 more years!

Think about it: just within the last 15 years, the US has attacked and waged war against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. It has armed terrorists in order to overthrow the sovereign government in Syria, has supported Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign against Yemen that continues to massacre its people, has conducted bombings in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia using drones, has helped crush the pro-democracy rebellion in Bahrain, has helped Egypt reestablish its brutal military dictatorship, has conducted a coup in Ukraine and Honduras and created chaos and instability in Venezuela, has imposed devastating sanctions on Iran on the pretext of stopping its nuclear program, has committed a dangerous cyber attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities that could have created a nuclear catastrophe, has cooperated with Israel to assassinate four of Iran’s nuclear scientists and professors, while defending and keeping silent on Israel’s stockpile of nuclear weapons, has assassinated individuals from a “kill list”, has kidnapped nationals of foreign states and put them in Guantanamo Bay, force feeding the striking prisoners who demanded a resolution to their indefinite incarceration and torture without even a charge or trial, has supported Israel’s barbaric attack on and war crimes in Gaza and supported its continued occupation of Palestine and building settlements on confiscated land and has pushed for sanctions against Russia and moved NATO and heavy weapons to its borders and much more acts of war, provocation and aggression. It’s as if they are deliberately and tirelessly pushing the world towards utter chaos and instability, total destruction and mass annihilation. And, then, they wonder why terrorism is on the rise in the Middle East and why organizations like ISIS appear on the scene and massacre innocent people everyday. This is the end game of an economic system that’s hell bent on world domination, at all cost, by giant multinational corporations with profits that are larger than the annual budget of many nations, for the purpose of blind and shortsighted profiteering and wealth accumulation. There is no other possible outcome for such a system in its most advanced phase of imperialism and empire building.

At some point, the American people will have to learn the truth about their government and conduct the most pressing, most needed and most urgent regime change in the whole world, a regime change that will put an end to this incredible scourge of wars, terror and instability, brought on by the US government in partnership with its allies, just to benefit a select few who are destroying the world and dragging hundreds of millions of people through blood and mud and keeping billions in poverty and destitute. This can’t be allowed to go on any longer. Remember this next time you see or read news of bombings in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere that blow up innocent people, including women and children.


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