US Alliance and Friendship with Brutal and Corrupt Dictators Tell More About the Empire Than Its Friends

After the appointment of Saudi Arabia, which together with the genocidal state of Israel, takes the top spot in brutality, repression and violation of human rights, to head United Nations Human Rights Council, Deputy Spokesperson of US State Department, Mark Toner was asked what the US position was on that, to which he replied “we welcome it. We’re close allies”. 

When asked about the Saudi Arabia’s plan to behead and crucify 21-year-old Shia activist, Muhammed al-Nimr, for having participated at a protest against the regime when he was 17, Mr. Toner pledged ignorance and said he didn’t know about the “specifics of the trial or the verdict”, although he seemed to know of the case that has been in the news and many governments have reacted to. What the answer to such questions always comes down to is: “we’re close allies”.

This is similar to how he answered questions that were asked of him on 2 December, 2015, about Russia’s allegation that another “close ally”, Turkey was letting ISIS terror group ship the oil it was taking from occupied territories in Syria into Turkey, where it was selling it for below market price to fund its military operations. He was asked specifically about Russia’s published satellite images showing a long line of hundreds of oil trucks entering Turkey from Syria: “Again, I haven’t seen them. I just don’t know what to make of them”, he replied. “I don’t want to … I’ve heard secondhand that they don’t show much”. He went on: “We’re working with Turkey, as are other international partners, to secure those borders, but that’s a hard challenge in that part of – in that region. That’s something we’re working with Turkey and with others to address. There’s smugglers, there’s middlemen, there’s truckers who then take that through these established routes. Some of them, as – no doubt probably lead to parts of Turkey. I can’t categorically rule that out”. And he concluded: “But it’s not what was implied, which is that the Turkish Government is somehow complicit in this arrangement. That’s just untrue”. 

The questioner persisted: Russia “has published exact locations and routes of how ISIL’s oil flows into Turkey and where it goes from there. Is that information that the U.S. is interested in?” Mr. Toner: “we have our own ways of getting that information, of looking at that area. And it is our assessment that that is not true”.

“Are you saying it’s not true that oil is being smuggled into Turkey?”, continued the questioner, “you talk about a difficult border, but oil tankers travel by road. It’s not all that complicated to track oil tankers”. “Don’t want to get in for a tit-for-tat talking about these satellite photos”, came the answer, and then finally, when asked how he knew that the Russian allegations weren’t true, he said: “Turkey is a close ally”. That says all there is to know. 

And if someone were to also ask “why you keep sending so much weapons and ammunition and giving so much aid, military and financial, to an apartheid regime that’s committing ethnic cleansing, extrajudicial killings, incarceration and torture of even children, demolition of homes, building of settlements and war crimes and is in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions”, the answer would ultimately be the same: “Israel is a close ally”.

But, don’t think it’s just about what Saudi Arabia or Turkey or Israel “is”, but more importantly what they “do” for US imperialism. Turkey supports ISIS fighters; it lets them in through its border with Syria, to get weapons and ammunition and go back to fight the Syrian government because the US wants it overthrown, because it’s not “a close ally”. Turkey also allows ISIS to raise funds for its terrorist activities by selling its oil to Turkey, which has been reported by Western newspapers, including the Guardian.

In the case of Saudi Arabia, the cooperation goes even further. The despotic kingdom has been bombing Yemen nonstop since the US backed regime was overthrown by rebels, killing thousands. It also sent troops to Bahrain in 2011 to stop the revolution there that threatened to overthrow another US backed dictatorship. It also has been funding and aiding ISIS terrorists. In Israel’s case, the services that the racist and apartheid state commits for US imperialism is even broader and more extensive.

In all these cases, the last thing on the minds of US policy makers is how many people get killed or how and why they get killed: are they beheaded and crucified for being at a protest? Are they killed, jailed or made homeless because their ancestral land is occupied by a colonial settler state that builds settlements for settlers who have the desired religion or ethnicity? Is the attempted regime change in Syria costing hundreds of thousandsp of lives and creating millions of refugees and destroying lives and the whole country? None of that matters to US policy makers. What they also never give any thought to is “democracy”, “freedom” and “human rights”, which they claim to champion. Even as the US continues to spend trillions of dollars on and wages endless wars for its so-called “war on terror”, Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars of its oil money to spread “terrorism”, which the US claims to be fighting! US government officials even redacted 28 pages of the Congressional Report on the 9/11 terror attacks, which was implicating Saudis, just to protect their “close ally”. You see, even the American people don’t count much in the calculations of the government of big corporations.

The US supports these despotic and criminal regimes, regardless of what atrocities they commit and how many people they behead (100 beheadings so far this year and 158 last year by Saudi Arabia) because they cooperate with its imperial agenda of world domination for its corporate empire, which is only possible through wars and oppression.

Ask me again why I keep saying: the United States government is the number one enemy of all humanity and all life on Earth, as well as democracy, freedom and justice and number one instigator and initiator of terror, massacres, oppression, repression, war crimes and genocide, in the world.


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