The Unthinkable is Now Thought of and Spoken of: US Prepares for War with Russia!

Reuters reported on Tuesday that the United States, Britain and Germany “have advanced” plans “to spearhead a new NATO force on Russia’s border”. According to the report, “they would each command a battalion across the eastern flank to help deter any show of force such as that deployed by Moscow in Crimea in 2014”. “That should send a very strong signal of our determination to defend the Baltic states and Poland in the face of continued Russian aggression,” British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said at a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels on Tuesday. “Continued Russian aggression”, he says! If there is one common theme throughout history about all wars of aggression and invasions is that the aggressors always call the target of their aggression the aggressor.

Do these heads of imperialist states really and truly believe that there is any risk that Russia might invade or attack any of its neighboring countries that they’re supposedly trying to defend? Of course not. Is there a precedent to justify claims of “continued Russian aggression”? Not at all.

The so-called “annexation” of Crimea by Russia, which was anything but, was actually well foreseen, anticipated and even expected and part of the plan of US imperialism, well before it happened and even before the groundwork for the coup in Kiev was prepared by the CIA and US State Department. They knew Russia would react to their intervention at her borders and expected her to react and had plans in place – plans of further aggression as we see now – if and when it were to react. There was no surprise there. As Caroline Mortimer wrote in Independent on 3 March, 2014, “Crimea is strategically important as a base for the Russian navy. The Black Sea Fleet has been based on the peninsula since it was founded by Prince Potemkin in 1783. The fleet’s strategic position helped Russia defeat Georgia in the South Ossetia war in 2008, and remains crucial to Russian security interests in the region.” Yes, Crimea is “crucial” for Russia’s “security”. That’s according to a major Western publication. So, if the Russians didn’t intervene in the aftermath of the coup that handed Ukraine to the US and its allies, and virtually if not literally, gave Crimea to NATO, they’d lose their strategically important base that’s crucial for their security. But, it wasn’t just military and security considerations for Russia. Crimea was part of Russia before, as the Independent points out. It was separated and given to Ukraine during the Soviet reign. The majority of its population are still Russian and voted democratically in a referendum to rejoin Russia. 

The plans to encircle Russia began about 25 years ago. Ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the US aggressively went after the republics that were seceding from the Union, as well as those neighboring Russia, which were part of the socialist camp, to bring them into the imperialist fold and open them up for US and Western corporations, including multinational banks, eager to extend loans under the auspices of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank and other corporations, under neoliberal policies. Not only were these republics considered fair game, so was even Russia, herself.

But, for imperialism, economics is inseparable from militarism. The latter paves the way and ensures suitable conditions for the former to come in and operate in. Russia was a big prize, but unlike the others in the target list, it might have had to be dealt with militarily and in a military confrontation. Russia was no Poland or Romania. The nationalist government of Vladimir Putin proved that point, beyond a doubt. 

In addition to surrounding Russia for an eventual confrontation, the US and its allies were also seeking to sell tons of expensive weapons to nations bordering or near Russia, in the name of defending them against Russian “aggression”. This not only would make it possible to bring NATO to Russia’s doorsteps, setting up military bases across its borders, but also much revenue could be extracted from these nations and into the coffers of their weapons manufacturers, while banks and other corporations would come in and profit from economies made forever dependent on imperialism, leaving their peoples high and dry. 

As US Undersecretary of the State, Victoria Nuland boasted, the US spent $5 billion to try to take over the biggest and most important of the republics bordering Russia, namely Ukraine. The US intervention and coup that brought to power a pro-US regime in Kiev, that includes in its ranks old and new fascists, was going to be lose-lose for Russia and win-win for the US and its European allies. If Russia were to act to defend itself against this NATO encroachment, which it was expected to, NATO would get its pretext to move in and bring its heavy weapons, as they are doing now, including missiles, tanks, warships, fighter jets, bombers and even troops, supposedly to defend against “Russian aggression”. If they didn’t react and let NATO eliminate an important military base that’s “crucial” for her security and which gives them the ability to counter NATO encroachment, then so much the better. They’d go on with their plan for militarizing Russia’s borders. Either way, Russia would lose and NATO would win. But, naturally, such encroachment and provocation won’t be without an answer from Russia. Reuters reported: “Russia deploys troops westward as standoff with NATO deepens.” NATO leaders must know what such escalation can eventually lead to, but apparently they don’t care. 

While the short and long term objectives in Eastern Europe are economic, namely, exploiting the natural resources and cheap labor and taking over their markets, in regards to Russia, they’re military: to surround it with military bases for the longer term. The short term plan is to isolate and weaken it and keep it on the defensive and from thwarting imperialist aggression in Middle East, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. They’re seeing and defining Russia as an enemy and are preparing for war. As unthinkable as that seems to be, that is the only way to interpret their actions in regards to Russia. Indeed, talk of war with Russia, which was unthinkable before, is not only not unthinkable now, it’s actually being spoken of and discussed. The demonization of Russia too has been underway for some time and continues. As Einstein said, it’s impossible to prepare for war and not end up with one.

The fact is: we’re still living under the same socioeconomic and geopolitical conditions that brought humanity two world wars. The people who led the world to such incredible devastation have changed, but the economic system that gave rise to those wars hasn’t. Imperialism is all about looting and plundering the nations of the world to make the rich of the imperialist countries richer and will therefore continue to plan, prepare for and wage wars to control and exploit the world and its resources and will confront and try to forcibly remove any obstacle that stands in their way, regardless of the consequences. 

In this advanced age of world capitalism and imperialism, we must be advanced enough in our understanding and political consciousness to identify the real source of the dangers facing the world and the real enemies of peace and social and economic justice, and organize to defeat them. The biggest enemy of all humanity and the biggest danger to the entire world is world imperialism, headed by the US. That’s what should be the main focus of our struggle. This does not mean absolving Russia for whatever it does, but it does mean pointing out the real aggressors and dangers to world peace and organizing to stop them.


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