US Wars for Empire in the Third World and the Confused “First World” “Leftists”

Have you ever met a right wing person take progressive positions, like defending workers’ unions, advocating raising of wages or speaking against corporations and their greed? So, why do so many “leftists” defend NATO and its imperialist wars? Is imperialism a force for progress, freedom and justice? Does accumulation of surplus value and capital through exploitation of workers not apply to multinational corporations that exploit overseas workers? Is the military wing of imperialism separate from its economic exploitation and hegemony? Does its military operate independently of and is blinded to corporate drive for profits and economic domination? 

Isn’t there a nationalistic element among those so-called “leftists” who join “their country”’s imperialism and imperialist media in justifying wars of imperialist conquest and regime change against nations that are “unfriendly” towards the US and are supposedly led by “brutal dictators”? Are those leaders any more brutal than US leaders who order devastating wars against nations that can’t defend themselves against the empire and kill hundreds of thousands and even millions of their inhabitants? Since when does a “dictator” in a third world country justify such devastating wars waged by imperialism that helps no one but imperialism? 

How many times do US leaders have to be caught having lied to justify such wars for our “leftists” to see that they lie and fabricate stories and fake “enemy attacks” to see the pattern and not fall for them? Are these so-called “leftists”, who are now barking about the “Assad regime” and his “atrocities”, believing US and Israeli lies, stupid or are they imperialist shills pretending to give rat’s ass about progressive values and social justice? 

I’m really sick of these fake “leftists” who are supposedly for “democracy”, which apparently must be accomplished through NATO warplanes and bombers and foreign terrorists and mercenaries, who kill tens of thousands of people using US, Saudi and Israeli weapons. These “leftists” must feel comfortable with a war criminal and mass murderer like Hillary Clinton, who laughs out loud about the brutal murder of Libyan president Gaddafi, who was trying to unite Africa against imperialism, move away from using the Dollar and nationalize the continent’s oil to benefit its people. She said proudly “we came, we saw, he died”. Who came, who saw? NATO war planes and bombs in pursuit of world domination for their wealthy ruling classes; that’s who. Who benefited from that military intervention, the people of Libya or imperialism? Maybe I’m mistaken here. Maybe Hillary doesn’t represent imperialism and works against it!?

And, who will benefit from overthrowing the Syrian government? Are the ISIS terrorists who get weapons from the CIA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel the revolutionary forces that Assad is supposedly murdering and who need the “revolutionary” support of these “leftists”? Or maybe Obama, Clinton and their imperialist friends in Europe are supporting a people’s revolution that Assad, Russia and Iran are trying to suppress!? 

Speaking of Russia, is it a coincidence that such individuals join the voices of imperialism and reaction from Washington and London to Paris and Brussels against Russia’s intervention in Syria? Isn’t that influenced by decades of US nationalistic propaganda presenting the US as a force for good around the world and any nation that opposes it as evil? It’s no surprise that many of these same “leftists”, some of whom have been “active” for decades in “revolutionary” and “socialist” parties, also supported the US instigated coup in Ukraine and condemned Russia’s and President Putin’s “aggression”, instead of imperialism and its fascist puppets and neoliberal tools like IMF and World Bank that wanted to come in and make their bankers rich off the backs of the Ukrainian people, as they did to the Greeks and others.

It’s time – actually past time – for American and European left to wake the f. up, grow up and shed its Eurocentric pro-imperialist brainwashing and unite against world imperialism headed by the US that’s driving the world toward mass destruction and annihilation. 


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