Obama: “I Won’t Apologize for Hiroshima and Nagasaki”

Obama said during his recent  trip to Hiroshima that he won’t apologize on behalf of the US for dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which instantly killed over 140,000 innocent men, women and children – expecting women, women nursing infants, toddlers and elderly alike – and many more in the following years, knowing that the vast majority of the victims would be innocent civilians. The reason why Obama or any other head of US empire won’t apologize is because if they did for that horrendous war crime which deliberately targeted and massacred civilians in the tens of thousands, for which US leaders, including the president, would have been hanged, if the same standards were to be applied to them, as they were to Nazi officials, after WWII, they may have to apologize for other war crimes, too, which they keep committing.

It’s hard to imagine a bigger war crime than dropping the atomic bomb on large and densely populated cities where ordinary people go after their lives. But, what we must realize is that that genocidal mindset within the US military industrial complex was not only a thing of the past and has continued to this day. Relentless bombing of population centers is a routine and regular policy for the US, whether it’s in Korea or Vietnam or Yugoslavia or Iraq or Libya or anywhere else where they decide to overthrow a government and accomplish regime change. You’d think that after they witnessed – or at least saw and heard from far away – the horrors of the atomic bombs that they dropped, they’d be at the forefront of trying to abolish the bomb, but no, they “modernize” their stockpile and develop newer and “better” ones, with more deadly potential. And to be able to use them without retribution, they try to develop “shields” against retaliating nukes coming their way, in order to gain a “first strike” capability and make nuclear attack “feasible”. 

A nuclear war with Russia launched from countries bordering it is not off the table for the US and is indeed contemplated and planned for, as they continue to stir and take advantage of disputes and using them to station missiles at Russia’s borders, knowing the incredible risks and danger such policy entails.

What we must also understand, is that when a US president speaks, he or she doesn’t express just his or her own opinion or position, even when he says he does, but rather for and on behalf of the military industrial complex, which is hell bent on taking over the world for profits for corporations, at all cost. As an institution, it feels no remorse or empathy. Mass murder is just a necessary chore and racism and dehumanizations a tool to bring the public along, a public that gets nothing from all the killings, but less money left to improve their own lives.


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