After 8 Years of Obama, Now, Hillary Clinton Is Being Sold To Us As Another “Lesser Evil” Democrat!


Just during the presidency of Barrack Obama, the US has attacked, bombed or waged war against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, killing thousands, including many women and children, has made assassinations from a “kill list” an openly acknowledged US policy, has orchestrated a coup in Ukraine, Honduras and Brazil, has stirred unrest in Venezuela, waging an economic war against it, has imposed heavy sanctions on Iran that impoverished millions, has moved tanks and missiles to Russia’s border in clear and dangerous provocation, has significantly increased military aid to the apartheid state of Israel, even after their massacre of over 2,000 defenseless men, women and children in Gaza and building thousands of new settlements on stolen Palestinian land in violation of international laws and UN Security Council resolutions, deported more immigrants than any other president, signed the NDAA into law which gives the military the legal right to have American citizens disappeared without a trace and without a charge or legal defense, increased the level of mass surveillance against citizens, punished whistle blowers, refused to press charges against bankers and defended Monsanto in court against small farmers, pushed for the passage of TPP neoliberal trade agreement and signed a bill that cut food stamps to the poor by largest amount since the program began. And ironically he was touted as a “progressive” Democrat and the “lesser evil”, who won the overwhelming support of African Americans and Hispanics and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

Now, Hillary is running on a similar platform, promising to continue Obama’s policies, again as a “progressive” Democrat and as the “lesser evil”, with the difference that she wants even more wars and more confrontation with and provocation against Russia and Iran and wants to send US troops to Syria to overthrow the government.

They say it gets worse before it gets better. Can it get any more f…ed up than this? If these are American’s “progressives”, I hate to see its reactionaries. Personally, I don’t think Trump can be any worse than either Obama or Hillary. Actually, he can’t even be as bad as either one. What will stop him you ask? People on the streets, that’s who. Those same people who stay home when Democrats win the office will probably be in the streets because Republicans don’t claim to be on the side of minorities, workers and the poor, as do the Democrats. Democrats do what Republicans wish or say they wish to do. The kinds of reactionary and anti working class policies that Democrats get away with, Republicans can only dream about.


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