Which Way Forward for the Zionist State?


It may shock many to hear this since it’s what many Israelis, especially Israeli settlers are saying, but Israel has no choice but to commit mass murder, genocide and mass extermination against the Palestinians. That’s because it’s impossible to occupy land populated by a people, expel those already living there and create a state specifically and exclusively for people of some other religion or ethnicity to come and colonize the land and not commit genocide and mass extermination.

Many among Israelis have realized this and are therefore understandably calling for the state of Israel to finish off Palestinians, killing them all, young and old, even their babies. This is not a surprising conclusion. It’s the logical end of creating a state on confiscated land after killing and forcibly removing its inhabitants to make the desired state possible. You have to do it if you want your colonization to continue. You have to continue the occupation and with it the brutal suppression of the resistance of the occupied. You have no choice.

Other Israelis and non-Israeli Jews, too, are slowly realizing this, but are coming to a totally different conclusion. They agree that the creation of a colonial settler state on occupied and stolen land and founded on displacement of the native population is not sustainable and since they see no option but genocide as the logical culmination of it, they are coming to the realization that Zionism was wrong from the beginning and must be abandoned and replaced with the idea of living with others on equal and just basis.

Still however many others continue to live in delusion and are hoping against hope that somehow and sometime, the Palestinians will just stop resisting and pack up and go live somewhere else and leave the land for Jewish settlers to come and occupy. These people speak of the hope for peace, but what they’re really hoping is that Palestinians will stop fighting back and accept their fate as a perpetually occupied people living under military occupation and apartheid, without the right to self-determination, not realizing that peace cannot exist without justice, that peace cannot be based on massacres, murders. beatings, incarceration, torture, home demolitions, military checkpoints, detentions, home raids and genocide. Genocide is the antithesis to peace. Genocide is war. Only justice can bring lasting peace.

Where do you stand on this?


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