Bernie Sanders and His “political Revolution”

It’s encouraging to see many young people who, unlike their portrayal by pro-Hillary networks like MSNBC, include not just white men, but also black, Latino and women, are hungry for change from the usual corrupt corporate, pro-war and pro-imperialist policies, championed by corrupt career politicians like Hillary. But, it’s sad to see how they put their hopes in a fraudulent electoral system that is designed and acts to lock the status quo in and prevent any meaningful change. The media has much to do with it, but so does the Democratic Party establishment, which Bernie chose to go through, hoping they would support him, a Democratic Party, which is the first line of defense by the ruling class against change. The fact that Bernie, as good intentioned as he may be, chose the Democratic Party as his own party is itself very telling and a source of much coming disappointment for his supporters. 

The tens of thousands who gather at his rallies could, if they had the leadership and organization and the will to fight for their beliefs in a long and protracted fight nationally, bring about much more real change by their mere presence on the streets than any career Democrat could ever deliver through a corrupt Democratic Party, where Bernie and his surrogates have to go beg super asshole “super delegates” to flip their votes from their buddy Hillary to Bernie. The looming disappointment will be sad to see, but worth it if it provides the needed lesson. Because It’s when the slogan “Vote For Bernie” changes to “Fuck This Shit” when things begin to change.


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