“We Came, We Saw, He Died”!

It is possible to numb people’s brains to the point that the sight and sound of the most incredible and bizarre will illicit no more than a casual, uninterested and passing glance. Desperate and frantic screams meant to draw attention to a ghastly calamity taking place in front of our eyes can seem no more than a silent slow motion movement of lips and hands, unable to keep the head from turning away in disinterest. No one, not even the ruling elite itself, could have anticipated the sheer power and efficacy of the TV and, more generally, the mass media, as a propaganda tool, and the level of success it could bring in framing and forming people’s minds. 

One quick look at the history of the world in the last 60 years and even in the last 15, which compared to the history of mankind since he stood on two legs is less than a blink of an eye, reveals a truly unbelievable world, which no fiction writer could have imagined or described. In a span of just 15 years, US imperialism, with the assistance and support of its European imperialist allies, completely destroyed Iraq, Libya and Syria, causing the death of over a million people and homelessness of many more millions, has been occupying and bombing Afghanistan nonstop for 15 years, and, in addition, in the last 8 years, has been bombing Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, and has put heavy sanctions on and threatened Iran, has staged a coup and regime change in Ukraine and Honduras and has begun moving big weapons, including tanks and missiles to Russia’s border, not to mention the ongoing effort to surround China militarily or CIA intervention in South America in overturning and sabotaging progressive governments.

And, all this has happened without an outcry or even noticing by the American people. These issues aren’t even being discussed, either by the media or the presidential candidates. The war in Vietnam, which engendered a potent anti-war movement and served as notice to the ruling class to not even think about waging another war seems so foreign and unfamiliar, now. Somehow, that antiwar population were abducted by aliens and brainwashed in their spaceships and put back down on Earth. Three countries with millions of inhabitants have been turned into a pile of rubble and, in total, around a million people have lost their lives and many more their homes and livelihood, within these 15 years, and the American cities are calm and quiet, except for occasional excited people holding signs in support of presidential candidates. 

President Obama now regrets the war on Libya, but has defended Bush and Cheney, and still to this day, sends drones to bomb several Muslim countries and the CIA gives arms and ammunition to the Islamist terrorists in Syria to try to overthrow the government, Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen with US help and Israel is committing genocide with American taxpayers’ money and American provided weapons and bullets. And, incredibly, no one will be held accountable for any of these crimes against humanity that continue to go on. No accountability, no answering for war crimes, not even a discussion, as if all those meetings and resolutions and international laws discussed and signed after the horrors of WWII were for nothing; as if there is no international laws or justice or court or United Nations. We’re back to the days of primitive barbaric empires destroying entire cities and nations with total impunity.

Hillary Clinton,, the candidate with arguably the best chance of winning the presidential race, not only doesn’t regret the war on Libya that devastated the country, she’s proud of her role in it: “we came, we saw and he (Gaddafi) died.” That’s been the rule with the empire: it comes and people die – in the thousands.


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