Is Israel Like a 51st State for the US?

More than one Palestinian Child was abducted every two hours – 740 in first two months of 2014 ~ according to Euro-Mid Observer Human Rights Report, 17 Mar 2014 (src:

Some liken the apartheid state of Israel to a 51st US state in how the US pours money into it and gives unlimited amount of arms and defends it politically, diplomatically and militarily against even criticisms of the racist state in international bodies like the UN, despite the ongoing massive human rights violations and ethnic cleansing that reach a level of genocide against the Palestinians living under its military occupation. 

But, that description isn’t accurate. No state receives anywhere near the level of aid that Israel is receiving from the US Treasury, which allows the state to give its residents the benefits that the Jewish settlers are getting from the state, including free housing, healthcare and education, which no US state ever receives from the Federal government. In fact, the majority of the 50 US states keep closing down clinics, hospitals and services for children, women, elderly and the poor for lack of funds; tuition of state colleges and universities keep moving up; government subsidies such as food stamps for the needy are being cut; the infrastructure throughout the nation is being neglected to the point that many bridges and highways are becoming dangerous to drive on, while Israel keeps building new settlements for Jewish settlers; many American cities do not have adequate public transportation; government services are laying people off; and classes within public schools are overcrowded and in need of more teachers who are not being hired for lack of money. The governor of Michigan decided to use old and poisonous pipes to deliver drinking water to the residents of Flint, Michigan, to save money, which poisoned the city residents, and the officials at Maricopa County, Arizona, which included the City of Pheonix, closed most of their voting sites during their primary elections, resulting in one site per 21,000 residents, instead of the typical one for every 2,500, to save money. Despite all this, the flow of money to the apartheid state never stopped and has increased steadily recently and especially after the massacre of some 2,400 Palestinians in 2014.

There is another fact about the US-Israeli relations that makes the above analogy inaccurate: Had any US state been involved in any amount of civil or human rights violations even remotely resembling the massive violations taking place by the “Jewish state” against any segment of their population, the Federal government would have acted to stop it, not only legally through the office of the Attorney General and the FBI, but even using its military, if necessary. We can’t even imagine within any US state the kind of atrocities that are being committed by the state of Israel against a particular group of people due to their race or ethnicity that are being tolerated by the US government, without even the smallest criticism and that are being ignored by the mainstream media, including extra judicious and “targeted” killings, arbitrary arrests and indefinite detentions without a cause that are so common that are called “administrative” detentions, without giving any reason and in many cases with no visitation rights, arrest or detention of children as young as 5 years old for hours after grabbing them from the arms of their crying mothers and driving them to military interrogation centers in military vehicles and years of incarceration for teenaged children and arbitrary stops and searches of Palestinians at military checkpoints throughout their neighborhoods that make racial profiling of minorities in the US look like child’s play. The US government would never allow such civil rights violations and atrocities against any segment of the US population by any of the states making up the Union. 

Those who argue that the level of complicity that’s involved here by the US is due to the Jewish lobby, which makes the American Jewish people look like heartless and cruel assholes, who have no sense of empathy or humanity, which many of them are, must answer why no state, which is also well represented in the US government, can never receive the kind of aid that Israel receives and the kind of atrocities and crimes it gets away with. 

The reason has to do with US imperialism, which places its interests above any level of human cost. The reason is that the US empire finds the “Jewish” state uniquely useful in its plans for world domination for the benefit of its corporations. This goes beyond electing any president from either of the two parties. This requires a new national awakening. 


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