“Democratic Socialism” and Bernie Sanders’ “Political Revolution”: Is It Real And What We Can Expect From Him?

  Some are willing to give Bernie Sanders the benefit of the doubt and grant him the title he wants for himself: a “democratic socialist”, whatever the adherents of this bogus and demagogic concoction mean by it, which isn’t too hard to guess. Suffice it to say that what it implies is that socialism isn’t democratic and must therefore be wrapped in a nice sounding “democratic” demagoguery to make it distinct from the real socialism, which supposedly is “undemocratic”. 

But, what’s often wrapped in nice shiny wrapping paper is nothing but some shitty thing that’s “bad for you”, to paraphrase the late George Carlin. You bet socialism – real socialism that is – isn’t “democratic”: far from it. It’s not democratic for the ruling corporate oligarchy and its army of ideologues and defenders, who would seek to return to power using every opportunity, loophole and chance they’re given. It is no more democratic for the ruling billionaire class than the capitalism of the North was for the slave holders of the South. The capitalists of the North were so democratic in fact that they had to kill those in the South who resisted the change in the system in order to finally abolish slavery. That’s because changing an economic system is nothing and takes nothing but an outright war. Revolution is nothing but war on the privileged who will fight with tooth and nail – actually more like with tanks, helicopters and heavily armed and militarized police and army – to defeat a revolution, if it really is one. Otherwise, those same corporate owners and billionaires that you’re supposedly targeting with your “political revolution” will make contributions to your political campaign to prevent crazies like Donald Trump from getting into the White House! That ought to tell you everything you need to know. That’s how much you’re going to scare them with your “revolution”. That’s because they’re not afraid of names and titles. Europe is full of such fake “socialist” imperialists. Don’t blame me for that oxymoron. That may be a contradiction in terms, but it’s real and it commits atrocities and mass murders from Syria to Palestine and from Afghanistan to Colombia and let’s not forget the murders of blacks on streets of American cities, under our first Black president.

Some are willing to call Bernie’s “socialism” “pseudo-socialism”. Not I. Pseudo implies having some similar characteristics with the real thing. Sanders’ “democratic socialism” doesn’t. It can’t because what it tries to hide behind the misleading addition of “democratic” is nothing but capitalism. A fake is presented for one purpose and one purpose alone: to draw you away from and deter and prevent the realization of the real thing. By presenting a fake substitute, these fake “socialists” try to impede and thwart real socialism, which unlike Sanders’ “political revolution”, upends and uproots and forever changes the power structure and with it the economic system. AND, it prevents their return.

The reason capitalism isn’t pseudo socialism or any form or kind or flavor of socialism, despite all the pretense, is because the two are at two opposite poles and antagonistic, an antagonism which is irreconcilable and can only be resolved through a true revolution, which unlike Sanders’ “revolution”, grabs the power from the corporations and their owners and gives it to the people. This is not what Sanders intends or even promises or is able to do. That would require a people’s grassroots direct action on the streets. 

With Sanders’ “revolution”, corporations and their billionaire shareholders would still remain in power, the military industrial complex would remain intact and imperialism will continue to enslave hundreds of millions of people worldwide and will continue to wage endless wars for profit for a few, while the pillage of the poor continues, while the police keeps shooting unarmed men and women, while NATO under US leadership surrounds Russia and China and pushes for another world war and while “socialist” imperialists boast their “democratic socialism” and neoliberalism from Paris to London and from Stockholm to Ontario, and even Washington. Who cares what they’re called? Heck, they won’t even mind being called “communists”, if that’ll appease people so they can go on with their destruction of the Earth for profits.

Lest I be misunderstood, I’m not saying Bernie Sanders is no better or is the same as war monger evil corporatist Hillary Clinton or the other right wing Republicans. I just don’t like it when politicians try to deceive people and sell them a fake item, which won’t work when they take it home and open the nice looking box, as it happened with Obama. And that’s a fault I’ll admit to.


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