Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the “lesser evil”


I don’t think just because the ruling capitalist class adopts a certain position on something, we on the left must automatically take its opposite, but it should, at least, make us think twice and reexamine our own position, if it’s not the opposite of theirs, given our contradictory interests. What’s clear is that they don’t want a Donald Trump presidency, even though they helped create this Frankenstein, themselves. 

What’s also clear is that many and probably even most of the capitalist class prefers Hillary over either Trump or Cruz, just as most of them preferred Obama over either McCain or Romney, except that this time, by all indications, they prefer Hillary even more than they did Obama. And that’s due to what the Republicans have to offer in this cycle, which obviously isn’t much and falls decidedly short, compared to the Democrats. And there is reason for that. Both Trump and Cruz are too divisive, too extreme in certain policy areas, will antagonize minorities and the poor and will probably stir unrest, which the ruling class doesn’t need and could do without. 

So, it must at least give liberals pause and when they decide that Hillary is the “lesser evil”, it should at least make them wonder how come the ruling class, which has interests diametrically and irreconcilably opposite of the working class’, disagrees and believes rather that Clinton is not the “lesser evil”, but very much “more evil”. Who’s right?

If you think Obama was good for working people, then so will Hillary since she’s made it clear that she wants to continue his policies, except that when it comes to wars, she wants more of them, not less. The ruling class wants someone who can have good rapport with minorities and the poor, while performing his or her duties as the top defender of big capitalists’ interests. And that’s what Clinton, as opposed to either Trump or Cruz, offers: she can make the rich richer without evoking unrest. That’s why they prefer Clinton. And, I think they’re right. Clinton will indeed be better for the billionaires and multimillionaire. 

Now, I’m not saying that we should therefore vote for Trump or Cruz. But, we should at least not be under any illusion that Hillary is the “lesser evil” – not by a long shot. She’s no “less” by any stretch of the imagination, when it comes to being evil. Just ask the Libyans and Hondurans and even her colleagues in the Obama Administration, who had to tell her to calm down when she was excitedly and impatiently pushing Obama to bomb Syria.


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2 responses to “Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the “lesser evil””

  1. peteybee says :

    Theres absolutely no reason to stop supporting Sanders, even if you don’t think he will win. And if Clinton gets the nomination, the thing to do is support a third party, such as Green / Jill Stein. It’s the only way to put even a modest amount of pressure on Hillary to acknowledge the needs of voters, at least thru the rest of this election.

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