Hillary Clinton: The Epitome of  a Corrupt Washington Politician

  During her debates with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton kept praising Obama and portrayed herself as a big fan of his policies. That’s because she knows that a large majority of blacks still support Obama. What she failed to mention though is her differences with Obama, which in every instance was from the right. Not only has she supported neoliberal trade policies and specifically the TPP, until recently when she changed her position on it, but also in regards to wars. 

While the Secretary of State, she kept pushing Obama for new wars. It got so bad that according to Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, who wrote in an article for the April 2016 issue, published March 10, 2016, Obama told his cabinet that he would only take such proposals from the Defense Secretary, She tried everything to get the US to go to war against Syria, including shaming Obama. “If you say you’re going to strike, you have to strike. There’s no choice”, she told the President, according to Goldberg. Obama chose instead to arm, train and fund Islamist terrorists, including ISIS, to do the regime change, but that wasn’t good enough for the Secretary of State turned “War Secretary”.

Obama did go to war against Libya, which resulted in Qaddafi’s torture and murder when US planes bombed his convoy and virtually destroyed the country, after killing thousands of people, and Clinton had much to do with that. “Obama did not want to join the fight”, writes Goldberg, who interviewed Obama; “he was counseled by Joe Biden and his first-term secretary of defense Robert Gates, among others, to steer clear. But a strong faction within the national-security team—Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, who was then the ambassador to the United Nations, along with Samantha Power” (so much for the idea that women are not war mongers) and others to begin bombing. 

Obama admitted in that interview that overthrowing Qaddafi was a mistake. “It didn’t work”, he said; “Libya is a mess.” He even called the situation in Libya a “shit show” (thanks to Obama himself and his virtual War Secretary). But, you won’t hear that from Clinton, who seems determined to turn the whole Middle East and North Africa into a “shit show”, and, who knows, Venezuela could be next, if she becomes the president. In fact, there has not been a war that Hillary has not supported. And there has not been a mention of a possible next war that she didn’t jump up and say “yes, it’s a good idea”. She’s made her wish for war on Iran, too, known on more than one occasion. It’s no wonder she has won praise from the likes of Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney. 

She’ll never mention this when campaigning for the votes of Obama supporters. With an amazing twist, she even turns Sanders’ advocacy for universal single payer health insurance, which is the only real solution to people’s healthcare needs, into a liability for Sanders by presenting it as an attack on Obamacare, which bears Obama’s name, and hence an opposition to him just to win black votes. You have to be incredibly conniving, sly and dishonest to campaign like this. And it takes an incredibly corrupt Democratic Party to support such a “natural politician”.

Only in an evil empire, ruled by greedy oligarchy of capitalists and a population that’s completely bamboozled can you find such a dishonest and conniving politician, who can lie her way into winning the nomination of a major political party. Only the leaders of such an empire can casually speak of destroying entire countries that they dragged through blood and mud and then say “it didn’t work”, without paying any price for it. Only in such an empire ruled by bankers who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to a politician like Clinton, can a former Secretary of State who pushed for such devastating wars run as a “progressive” and win the votes of the minorities and liberals. Just the fact that such a corrupt war criminal and a representative of bankers and big corporations can possibly become the president is testament to how low this society has sunk.


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