What Next for Bernie and His “Political Revolution”?


Soon, Bernie Sanders’ work will be done and his mission accomplished. Soon, he may appear on the stage with Hillary Clinton and urge his supporters to vote for her. That’s when he will relegate the hopes and aspirations of the young and progressives who supported his “political revolution” to “pragmatism” and “realism” of Clinton. His passionate speeches against income and wealth inequality and the corruption and greed of Wall Street will fade and give way to paid speeches by a victorious Wall Street darling, and Sanders will have nothing more to say about that because his job will be done. 

The students who supported him will be thanked for their support and told Clinton is the right person for the President’s office. Those who were hoping for a single payer universal healthcare will be told Obamacare, which instead of providing healthcare, it forces people to purchase healthcare insurance from insurance companies, giving them huge profits and leaving people at their mercy, is the best they’re going to get. Those who were hoping for free education will be reminded that there is no money for it. Those who feared Hillary would continue Obama’s wars, may very well find out that compared to Hillary, Obama was Mother Theresa. Nevertheless, Bernie Sanders will probably stand next to Hillary Clinton and tell his supporters who sent him an average of $27, that she will be a great president. What he won’t say is “great” for whom.

Sanders’ campaign was never a “revolution”, or a “movement”. It was a feeble attempt to win the Democratic nomination and should it fail, to serve as a magnet for idealistic hopeful progressives, who were turned off by both corporate parties and who thought Sanders offered something new and different, just as Obama had done eight years ago but ended up another George W. Bush, albeit with better speaking abilities. 

Sanders received more money from his enthusiastic supporters than Clinton from her corporate backers. According to MSNBC, he received more contributions in one day today than Marco Rubio did since the start of his campaign. All that support will be added to the support that Clinton received from corporations. Sanders would never have been able to collect the money that he did, which ultimately will end up supporting Clinton, had he chosen to act as her fundraiser.

The US would continue on the path it’s been on, even if Sanders were to win the presidency, but his young idealistic supporters will never find that out and that’s unfortunate. On a positive note, maybe when he gives his support to Clinton and throws all the enthusiastic support he’s received from progressives in the toilet and flushes it, as if none of his speeches meant anything, maybe then they will see what a futile exercise supporting a Democrat in elections really is.


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