Will Obama Escalate The War in Syria Risking a World War?

  After Turkey’s massing of its troops at the Syrian border and threatening to invade, Russia made it clear that it would not sit back and leave its troops and assets at the mercy of the Erdogan regime. On Friday, Russia called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council and asked for a resolution demanding Turkey to back down from its threats and preparation for ground war against Syria. It did not name Turkey by name, but it was clear whom they were referring to. France immediately opposed the resolution and the US called it a “distraction”.

What’s Turkey after? Why is Erdogan itching for war, not just against Syria, but against Russia since a ground war against Syria at this point is obviously a war against Russia? The answer has to do with the Kurds. The US war on Iraq and deposing Saddam gave the Iraqi Kurds a chance at self-determination within the Iraqi borders. This worried Turkey, which has a large Kurdish population in its Eastern provinces, with similar aspirations for self-rule. Erdogan consequently used the chaos created in Iraq, especially when ISIS took hold there, to go after Kurds in an effort to kill their leaders and destroy their militia, which has been effective in defending against attacks by the terrorist organization. Turkey has been one of the major suppliers of arms to ISIS. But, its war on Kurds is nothing new. The government has for decades responded to Kurds’ aspirations for self-determination with extreme violence and repression, including murdering or jailing and torturing their leaders and lately even by invading neighboring Iraq with ground troops, where they continue to remain. They have also been bombing Kurdish locations within Syria.

The fall of the Iraqi government and the chaos that ensued after the US invasion also gave Sunni fundamentalists of the Wahhabi sect associated with the Saudis to try to topple governments in the region through terror and massacres to form a medieval type Islamic caliphate similar to the Saudi Kingdom. Washington and its allies, including Saudi Arabia and Turkey, began arming and funding the terrorists and mercenaries to help topple the Syrian government, which after Iraq was next in line in US plans for regime change, since it is a Libyan type semi socialist, anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist government, allied with Iran, Russia and the Hezbollah of Lebanon, located right near Israel. In 2000, Hezbollah kicked the Israeli occupiers out of their country and earned the ire of imperialism. 

A US installed puppet regime in Syria would bring the empire closer to complete domination of the oil rich region and prepare the grounds for regime change in Iran. Israel in the mean time would get rid of a hostile state at its border and would be able to use the chaos to complete its annexation of the Golan Heights it occupied from Syria in 1967. It would also give Turkey the opportunity to finish off Kurdish aspirations inside Syria, where they enjoy relative freedom, as opposed to brutal repression inside Turkey. For Saudi Arabia this was an opportunity to get rid of a pro-Iran state that could potentially stir unrest, especially among the Shias of the region, and threaten the Kingdom. A regime akin to Saudi Kingdom or Jordan or Egypt allied with US and Israel would better unify the region politically and protect the Kingdom’s longevity, especially since it’s getting much of its power from the US. An anti-imperialist state like Syria or Iran is not considered in their best interests. This is why they’ve been bombing Yemen after its pro-US dictator was overthrown by Houthi rebels.

So, the geopolitical interests and goals of several countries, including the US and its European allies, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, on the one hand, and Islamic terrorists, on the other, coincided and merged and a brutal and relentless campaign of terror and mass murder was unleashed, destroying much of the country and resulting in the death of over 250,000 and displacement of 7 million, forcing many to risk their lives and board boats for Europe as refugees.

The US was pushed into a precarious situation and faced a dilemma when unlike their last experience with Islamic jihadis, whom them used against the pro-Soviet government of Afghanistan in 1980’s to topple it, ISIS terrorists soon turned their guns and swords against Western journalists, too. The terrorists also overreached when they attacked Iraq, where the US still had military advisors and contractors and other assets. So, they declared war on the very terrorists that they had helped create and arm. But, the declaration was just that: a declaration without any serious actual effort to defeat them since their priority was regime change and the terrorists were doing the dirty messy work for them. Although they had no love for the terrorists, they didn’t want to lose their valuable service.

This finally came to a head when Russians finally decided they had seen enough and intervened at the request of the Syrian government to defeat the terrorists. One of the things they did was to bomb the oil installations that ISIS had taken over and was using to fund its military operations by shipping the oil to Turkey and selling at half the market price. ISIS was, to much delight of Turkey, also fighting Kurds whom the terror group saw as an impediment to its plans for creating the Islamic State. In fact, the Kurdish militia had been effective in pushing back ISIS, where the Syrian army had been unable to do. 

The US and its allies have been fuming about Russia’s intervention, which has succeeded in weakening and all but defeating ISIS in Syria, which is exactly what the US was claiming to want to do for almost two years! Turkey, in particular, has been pushing the envelope in confronting the Russians and escalating the situation. They shot down a Russian bomber over Syrian air, claiming it had entered their airspace, which Russia denied and have repeatedly shelled Syrian forces across the border. And are now threatening to invade.

What’s clear is that both the downing of the Russian plane and now the threat of invasion with ground troops is intended to intimidate the Russians and persuade them to cut their losses and leave, leaving Syria to the terrorists, whom the US calls “the opposition”. The Boston Globe exposed the lies of Washington and media on Syria, on February 16, 2016, in an article titled: “The Media are misleading the public on Syria”, showing that what the US government calls the opposition is nothing but the terror group ISIS, which they use to overthrow the government through terror and massacres. 

What should also be clear is that this is all coming from the leader of the gang, US itself. Turkey would not resort to such aggression and threats against Russia, without US backing and green light. What remains to be seen is how far Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama will go in his relentless pursuit of regime change for empire, knowing that continuing on this path risks a major international war that can engulf the entire region and push the world towards nuclear conflict.


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