A Party of War Crimes, Mass Deception and Hypocrisy


One of the points of contention between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during their debates has been about Hillary’s cozy relations with the former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, whom she has mentioned as her mentor. It’s a testament to the incredible hypocrisy of the Democrats and liberals to condemn Kissinger, while glorifying Obama and using adjectives like “effective”, “successful”, “smart”, etc. to describe him and not a word about his war crimes. While condemning Kissinger as a “war criminal” and pointing out Hillary Clinton’s admiration of him, even Bernie Sanders is careful not to hint in any way that he’s going to do things differently from Obama and tries hard not to even sound critical of him, despite the fact that Obama has been no different than Kissinger in committing war crimes! Does Obama’s wars not kill people? Does he use softer and gentler bombs? Are the terrorists he supports kinder and more civilized? Is he better and smarter and more effective because he’s better in hiding US initiated wars and atrocities? If that’s the case, then I’ll take Kissinger over the likes of Obama, anytime.

What is certain is that such criminal and genocidal policies as we have been seeing under both Democrats and Republicans will continue by the military-industrial-finance complex, regardless of which of the current presidential candidates from either corporate party wins the elections. While many liberals, including Bernie Sanders, strongly criticize Kissinger and call him a “war criminal”, which he certainly is, they are loath to apply the same standard to Obama or Hillary, who are just as much war criminals. Sanders himself isn’t innocent either, as he has also supported most US wars, voted to fund even the Iraq war which he didn’t vote for and has been a supporter of Israel, though it is true that he pales in war mongering and appetite for war crimes in comparison with Clinton.

The Black bourgeoisie, too, who claim to represent the Black community, continue to fully and unconditionally support Obama, as “the first Black president”, completely overlooking and even endorsing his devastating wars on brown people for the wealthy white 1%, including his unconditional support for apartheid Israel and its ethnic cleansing and genocide in occupied Palestine, the devastation he caused and contributed to in Libya and Syria, and the thousands he’s killed with drones in several countries. 

It also didn’t bother them that while the police was murdering unarmed innocent Black men and women on the streets of this country, at a rate of one every 28 hours, just like the Israeli occupation troops are Palestinian youth, President Obama went ahead and signed the “Blue Alert” law “to protect the police officers”! Of course, it was the police who needed protection, not Black men and women! 

And, now, the Black leadership in the Democratic Party are falling all over themselves in their panicked rush to show loyalty and unconditional support to the Clintons, again, even though it was President Clinton who left office with more Blacks in jail than ever before and thanks to his neoliberal trade agreements, more Blacks were out of work and in poverty after his presidency than ever before! 

While they have stripped and thrown away from Dr. King’s teachings everything that’s progressive, pro-working class, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and anti-war, the Black leaders of the Democratic Party continue to shamelessly and cynically use his name to legitimize themselves as they pretend to honor him and continue his legacy and use his name to hide their selling out of not only Blacks, but all the poor and oppressed people, including those who are massacred by US imperialism overseas. It’s a sign of the times we live in when Rep. John Lewis, who was actively involved in the Civil Rights movement led by Dr. King, embraces war criminal Hillary Clinton on the stage and praises her! 

Dr. King’s voice echoing powerfully in auditoriums and Black churches against US war, atrocities and massacres in Vietnam, calling the US “the biggest purveyor of violence in the world” has been silenced, banished, murdered and buried deep, so no one can ever hear it, again!


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