Plan B For Syria: Enter Saudi Arabia And Turkey


Anyone who’s followed US foreign policy over the years – which has only become more aggressive lately, even in comparison with the time when US was carpet bombing villages in Southeast Asia, dropping napalm and agent orange, even compared with its Central American death squads of the 1970’s and 80’s, trained in the School of the Americas, or the arming of Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan or the endorsed massacre of tens of thousands in East Timor in 1990’s in the hands of Indonesian army or President Clinton’s war crimes in Yugoslavia – know that the US can’t possibly be done with Syria. They won’t let go that easily. They must have a plan B and they do: send in Saudi and Turkish troops to battle Syrian troops who are winning the war against US-Saudi-Turkish-Israeli supported ISIS terrorists, in the name of and with the pretext of fighting ISIS. 

Back in 1980’s, supporting Islamist terrorists was justified in the name of fighting communism. Now, the pretext is fighting terrorism. But, this is where it gets strange. This time, they’re on the side of those they claim to be fighting. In 1980’s, they could say they were fighting communists and socialists and that usually was enough: most would understand and consent to it. But, now, they can’t say they’re fighting a sovereign government that doesn’t want to ally itself with us and our political objectives. In Afghanistan, they didn’t have to demonize the socialist government. Just the fact that they were socialist and allied with the Soviet Union was reason enough to fight them, even if they had to hire Islamic fundamentalists from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and elsewhere, arm them with heavy weapons and send them in from Pakistani border. Fighting alongside Islamist terrorists didn’t sound so bad back then, especially when it was Godless communists they were trying to overthrow and terrorism was so far away from US soil. But, now, it’s not so easy to justify arming and training terrorists. Not after the terrorism that they created and supported came home to blow into their face. Suddrnly, terrorism isn’t such a good thing, anymore. The problem they discovered with Islamic terrorists is that they can be equal opportunity killers and very brutal at that. Not that that would stop them from trying to use them again. 

But, now, no matter how much they demonized Assad, they still couldn’t tell their people that they were supporting the terrorists in order to get rid of him. So, they did what they always do when faced with a situation like this: they lied. Not just about Assad and his government – that’s a given – but they began pretending to fight the terrorists, while quietly arming and supporting them. Many news outlets picked up on it, including even New York Times, which wrote in June of 2014 about CIA arming “Syrian rebels” at Turkish border. That was how they decided to call them: “rebels”. Some also picked up on the fact that while the Obama Administration was calling them “rebels” and the “moderate opposition”, the US Defense Intelligence Agency reported that “there were no moderates among the Syrian opposition”. Nevertheless, faced with a stalemate between the US-Saudi-Turkish-Israeli backed terrorists and the Syrian army, the Administration decided to speed up the regime change by bombing the country, ostensibly to try to destroy ISIS terrorists. That was a new one: attacking a country that’s fighting terrorists who are trying to overthrow it in the name of fighting those same terrorists armed and trained by the West. Fiction could never be this strange. 

It’s actually not that strange. It actually is simple: the US decides to do a regime change for its long term geopolitical reasons and then finds or manufactures the pretext. The pretext in Afghanistan in 1980’s was to fight communism – the most honest one. In Afghanistan in 2002, it was to fight the Taliban who were allied with Al Qaeda. In Iraq, it was weapons of mass destruction. In Libya, it was to stop Gaddafi from killing his own people. In Syria, it just got a little stranger because their pretext was to fight the terrorists that were sent in to overthrow the government that is doing the real fighting against the terrorists. It’s only stranger because they had to tell bigger and more unbelievable lies.

Of all recent US interventions in Middle East and Asia, the one in Syria resembles Afghanistan of the 1980’s the most. The secular government of Syria under Assad does have similarities to the socialist government of Afghanistan of the 80’s. And, the method used by the US for overthrowing it also resembles that experience: using barbaric Islamist mercenaries and terrorists to do the job. But, where the similarity ends is in the realm of public opinion. The fight now is no longer against communism, which could justify hiring and arming Muslim terror groups since fighting communism made any atrocity justifiable for the US during the Cold War, even if it meant killing millions of people, as they did in Southeast Asia and Central America. The public opinion – of the majority anyway – now, wouldn’t allow making alliance with Islamic terrorists no matter how much a head of a state could be demonized, including even Assad who does not think of Israel and Saudi Arabia or the US as his friends or the friends of his people. What audacity! 

And, so, the Americans had to pretend to be fighting AGAINST the terrorists rather than WITH them, while at the same time using them to try to overthrow the government. It still wouldn’t be easy for people to tell which side they really were fighting on, especially given the complete cooperation of the US corporate media with the Pentagon and the Administration, a media that has literally become the spokesman of the Pentagon. 

During her speech endorsing Trump for president, Sarah Palin criticized Obama for not having succeeded in defeating ISIS and assured us that Trump would “kick ISIS ass”. Trump himself has also mentioned that a number of times, as have other Republican candidates, promising to be much tougher against them than Obama has. The narrative told by the Pentagon to the people through the corporate media is that they are fighting ISIS. So, the fact that ISIS was only getting stronger despite US bombings looks to Obama’s political adversaries as incompetence.

But, that coverup became much harder to continue to maintain once Russians intervened, and much to US displeasure, in a few months, were able to get the terrorists on the run and fleeing the country, while previously, after almost two years of US intervention with help from its allies, especially Turkey and Sadi Arabia, they had only gotten stronger. What the Russian intervention did was not only upend US plans for regime change, which was getting close to fruition at the cost of a quarter million deaths and millions of refugees (always “worth it” for US policy makers, as former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright said of half a million dead Iraqi children. To imperialism, people are dispensable collateral damage and worthless compared to profits and power that always take precedence), it also exposed US lies that they were fighting ISIS. This caused many to see through the lies of the Administration. 

So, now that the US has lost its army of terrorists and is standing down from its bombing campaign, it aims to continue its effort at regime change by delegating the job to its client states, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. This has the added advantage for the US of clearing itself of siding with terrorists – it’s the Turks and Saudis, not us! 

What gets completely ignored and disregarded is the danger of bigger conflagration and more instability and wars in the region, taking even more lives and making more people homeless and refugees. That’s the hallmark of imperialism, as it was of colonialism before it: total disregard for human consequences of their violent actions for wealth and power. Political-economic systems that are based on plunder and exploitation, by definition couldn’t care less about the human cost of their actions. Their purpose is control and domination that would lead to plunder and exploitation. The whole purpose is enrichment of a few at the expense of many, at any cost. When you understand the driving force behind a phenomenon or cabal, you can understand its motives and actions. 

It’s always easier to see the injustices and atrocities of the past – colonialism, wars of aggression and conquest, massacres, plunder and genocide – but not so easy to see it happening right now, under our own nose.


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