The Truth About US-Saudi relations

US-Saudi relations are truly shameful and vile. They’re based on nothing but horrendous acts of violence, terror and mass murder against the people of Middle East. Like a gang of thugs and thieves, the two evil governments are in an unholy alliance to do as much evil and harm in the region as possible, in order to maintain and expand US hegemony and control in the area and secure the Saudi barbaric Islamic caliphate’s survival for as long as possible.

The corrupt medieval and despotic Kingdom that’s cutting its people’s arms and legs for petty crimes, stones women to death for leaving their husbands, beheads those who speak out critically of the Kingdom and oppresses women like it’s the 7th Century, is being shamelessly used by Washington to commit the dirtiest and most vile jobs for imperialism, in return for selling it sophisticated weapons and fighter jets, which they pay for using their oil money. In 2011, they were asked by the US to send troops to Bahrain, which is home to US Fifth Naval Fleet, right at the Iranian border, to crush the pro-democracy movement, which they promptly complied. Shortly thereafter, they began arming and funding Islamist terrorists, including the Al Qaeda in Iraq, which became the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), headed by Al Baghdadi, who had formed an army of Iraqi Sunny fighters after the invasion of Iraq by the US and moved to Syria to create an Islamic caliphate. They went on to massacre tens of thousands of people in Syria, who opposed their version of Islam, including many Christians and Muslims. The US and its allies were hoping the terror group could be used to overthrow the secular government there, so they could go in and install s puppet regime, which would toe the empire line and fall into the Saudi-Israeli-Egyptian-Jordanian alliance. A year later, in another favor for the gang’s leaders in Washington, the Saudis began bombing Yemen, after the US backed dictatorship was toppled by Houthi rebels. No country is allowed to leave the US backed gang in the region.

And now, according to some reports, after Russia thwarted the US plan to overthrow the secular government in Damascus, which has resulted in the death of some 250,000 and displacement of millions of Syrians, the medieval Kingdom is about to send some 150,000 troops made up of Saudi, Sudanese, Egyptian and Jordanian mercenaries to Syria, on behalf of the US. The US and its barbaric gang have tasted Syria’s blood on their tongues and are not willing to let go of their wounded prey. 

What the US is doing in Syria, through its minions, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and others, is testing Russians’ will at the expense of what’s left of the Syrian population and at the risk and with the hope of starting a proxy war between Russia, on the one hand, who has come to its ally’s defense at the government’s request and Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and others, on the other. Following Russia’s intervention, which caused most of the terrorist mercenaries to flee the country, Syrians have just now begun to breathe a sigh of relief, after 5 years of relentless and non-stop barbaric attacks and massacres by Islamist terrorists and mercenaries, backed and armed by the empire and its pack of attack dogs.

But, apparently, the US isn’t done yet. They’re now about to bring in their loyal Saudi troops and mercenaries to finish the job of destroying the country, as was done to Iraq and Libya, which turned them into terrorists’ haven. Those liberals who oppose sending in US troops to Syria to topple the government and are instead advocating troops from Arab countries, are no better than their conservative counterparts in the Republican Party, who advocate sending American troops. Their approach is more stealthy and deceitful than the more open approach by Republicans; otherwise, both are equally vile and criminal and in violation of international laws. Obama has been most duplicitous in this regard, presenting another violent and illegal military intervention to bring down a sovereign government in Middle East as fighting the terrorist group ISIS, which ironically has been armed, supported and used by the US. The narrative has thus been cleverly changed from an illegal and criminal act of regime change to fighting terrorists who are hired and armed to do the regime change. The Democrats and liberals in and outside the US government who say “Let Arabic states send in ground troops” are thus no doves and peaceful angels. They’re just more deceitful and are trying to preempt and prevent an anti-war movement like the one in 2003, which brought millions of Americans out in the streets.

If there were to be any justice and consistency and if these same aggressions were committed by Nazi leaders during WWII, US leaders, as well as their allies, would have to be tried for acts of genocide and, following their own example that they themselves set in Nuremberg, they’d have to be hanged for these crimes. These may be harsh words, but it’s true. The American people must wake up to the reality that their “exceptional” government is exceptionally corrupt and violent and the leader of s violent and criminal gang that has brutal Saudis and war criminal Israelis as members, a gang that kills and steals and orchestrates massacres and atrocities and fans the flames of terrorism in the region. 

From the time when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pronounced the US as “the biggest purveyor of violence in the world”, only one thing has changed in that regard: it’s become far more violent and barbaric and commits far more atrocities and devastating wars than in Dr. King’s time. 


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3 responses to “The Truth About US-Saudi relations”

  1. freedomfighter1995 says :

    I don’t agree with the Saudi alliance. But that’s about it

  2. zain5719482013 says :

    dear sako

    i am reading first time your mail. i feel pain about viciouse circle of US and saudi. yours zain

    On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 6:15 AM, Empire Watch wrote:

    > Sako Sefiani posted: ” US-Saudi relations are truly shameful and vile. > They’re based on nothing but horrendous acts of violence, terror and mass > murder against the people of Middle East. Like a gang of thugs and thieves. > The two evil governments are in an unholy alliance” >

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