US Preparing For Confrontation With Russia!

 Sputnik of Russia reported the other day that after the January 23 visit to Tehran of China’s President Xi Jinping, during which the two leaders signed more than a dozen agreements on economic and technological cooperation, American researcher and historian F. William Engdahl wrote for New Eastern Outlook: “What emerged from the talks confirms that the vital third leg of what will become a genuine Eurasian Golden Triangle, of nations committed to peaceful economic development, is now in place”, “We’re seeing the emergence of a true Eurasian Golden Triangle with China, Russia and Iran as the three key points,” he emphasized.

“With the stated plan to route the Silk Road rail infrastructure to assist the mining of new gold for currency backing of the Eurasian member states, including now Iran with its significant own unexploited gold, the hyper-inflated, debt-bloated dollar system is gaining a formidable positive alternative, one committed to peace and development,” Mr. Engdahl concluded. 

This must worry the US. Not only because it threatens the hegemony of the dollar, but because they had totally different plans for Iran, namely regime change. 

Looking back at the events of the last 15 years (really the last 150 years, but especially the last 15 years), reveals an extremely aggressive US policy in Asia, Eastern Europe and the oil rich and strategically and geopolitically important Middle East, meant to completely reshape and reconfigure the region towards a total and unchallenged hegemony and control. The ultimate goal and the big prize, of course, after all the groundwork for it has been prepared, is no other than Russia herself, with its vast resources, especially natural gas and oil, as well as a huge market and source of cheap labor. 

The strategy seems to have involved a two pronged approach: topple uncooperative regimes in Middle East, Asia and Africa and take over the republics of the former Soviet Union neighboring Russia, especially Ukraine and bring in NATO weapons and troops, turning them into de facto US military bases, in order to surround Russia far away from the US soul, to neutralize and isolate it, and even intervene militarily, when the conditions are right. As Stephen F. Cohen told Sputnik, “during the last ColdWar our military presence ended in West Berlin. Now we are militarily right on Russia’s borders”. As the move on Russia continues, so does US wars in Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Despite all this US aggressive posturing and provocation, it’s the US that accuses Russia of “aggression”. And, as I alluded to it, that too is part of the plan.

This trend of endless wars, destabilizations and provocations didn’t happen by accident. Changing regimes and having NATO move in and set up military bases with heavy weapons and warships takes longtime planning; and when there is planning, there is strategic long term objectives being pursued. What also doesn’t happen by accident and requires deliberate planning, according to a general goal of world domination, is invasion and occupation for the purpose of toppling a government and installing a puppet, answerable to the empire. In fact, these things usually take many years of planning.

We can’t always know in advance what the long term plans of the rulers and planners of the empire are, but we can look back and piece together, connect the dots and try to make sense of the events when they show a pattern. When such events show a distinct pattern and trend, it would be naive and foolish of us to assume they’re unrelated random events, without any intent or planning behind them. This is not to suggest that everything that happens on the world scene is the work of and planned and executed by the US. That kind of obsessive and blind conspiratorial thinking is also foolish and lazy. It’s lazy because it replaces careful consideration of geopolitical facts and logic with simple generic answer: they did it, not too unlike the approach of the religious, who say God did it.

Sometimes, as events unfold, opportunities open up for the empire, which the rulers grab and make the most of, such as terror attacks used to galvanize the public for more wars and tighter control of the public at home, or a movement for democracy in an “unfriendly” nation used to try to overthrow it. What is clear, after considering all the US military, political and economic interventions in recent history, is a relentless drive towards complete and total world domination for Wall Street and other US multinational corporations. 

There are two things we must understand about power and hegemony: once set in motion and left to its devices, it always seeks to grow even stronger and seeks to control and dominate over more regions and more people and towards a complete world domination. Secondly, power and control is always ultimately about economics and has as its ultimate goal economic domination and enrichment. 

Such a strategy for world domination (for ever more profits and wealth), which was most clearly expressed by the “Strategy For New American Century” published by neocons in 1998, would naturally call for the attack on and defeat of any nation that dares stand in the way, and that’s exactly what that document called for. The pattern of US interventions, especially in Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe, precisely matches and follows the strategy called for in that paper. 

When you know and understand the strategy and can see the pattern of the actions as supporting and following that strategy, then we can no longer claim actions of the empire, such as the war in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the attack on Libya, the intervention and regime change in Ukraine or the war on Syria are isolated and unrelated events resulting from the whims and decisions of the current president. They rather point to a multigenerational trend of giant corporations driving to literally take over the world and in doing so drive the world towards ever more dangerous wars, destruction and mass murder on incredible scale. The logic of world domination for ever higher profits isn’t one that would be concerned about the world and its inhabitants, and is in fact totally blind to such things.

What we must ask is where this strategy is taking the world? And what’s its end point or final destination? What the rulers see as obstacles on their way presently, after destroying Iraq, Libya and Syria and killing hundreds of thousands of people and making them ungovernable is Iran, Russia and China and what they think when they think of them is war. Recently, on 7 November of last year, Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, named Russia and China as the US “enemies”. And, of course, Iran doesn’t even need mentioning. Hillary Clinton, running for president as a Democrat, never misses an opportunity to call Iran an enemy and a terrorist state and she’s not alone. She recently called for establishing a “no-fly zone” in Syria, despite Russia’s active presence there, which would basically mean declaring war on Russia, at least in the Syrian theater. The US Secretary of Defense calling the two nuclear powered countries the enemy is indeed serious and ominous. But, it’s not just talk, either. In a speech before the Economic Club of Washington, Mr. Carter said on Tuesday that the 2016 Pentagon budget for its European military contingent is going to quadruple from $789 million to $3.4 billion, ostensibly to prepare for future conflicts with an “aggressive” Russia. And this is under a Democratic president!

Why one must ask. Neither Russia, nor China, nor Iran is threatening to attack the US; they don’t even come anywhere near the US, unlike the US whose warships routinely patrol China’s shores; has military bases all around Iran, maintains economic sanctions against it, has targeted its nuclear facilities with cyberattacks and assassinated four of its nuclear scientists a few years ago; is taking over and arming Russia’s neighbors and bringing in NATO forces and points its guns at them at close range and placing military bases right at their border. They also aren’t the ones invading and occupying countries and taking over their oil or participating in genocide against Palestinians. They also aren’t arming Wahhabi terrorists and mercenaries and sending them into sovereign nations in order to overthrow their government. So, why are Russia, China and Iran enemies? Because they’re seen as undermining the power and control of the empire and as obstacles for achieving complete and undisputed world domination for US corporations, just as the “Strategy For New American Century” prescribed. Threfore, what US planners envision is a confrontation with Russia and China (in addition to Iran) and they feel they need to begin preparing the public for it. As Einstein said, you can’t simultaneously prepare for war and work for peace. You get what you plan and prepare for.

Why do they insist on a unipolar world order, where they and their allies alone control the world, you might ask. Because capitalism in its most advanced stage can’t be content with only some parts of the world to exploit. Capitalism, by nature, requires growth of profits. When profits stagnate, new cheap resources and markets must be found, taken over and exploited. Therefore, it can’t share the world with others who peacefully compete with the empire and don’t toe the empire line.

One might wonder here: they can’t be that crazy. Right? Don’t they realize they can destroy the world? History, fortunately (maybe I should say unfortunately), gives us the answer. Didn’t the ruling classes of the European countries realize what they were doing when they dragged the world through two world wars, the last of which ended up causing the death of 40 million people? The vast majority of those who were sacrificed and suffered so much never even stood to benefit from the spoils that the capitalists of the competing countries were fighting over. So, it has happened before and someone like Hillary Clinton would have no problem starting it again.

But, understanding the current world situation and dangers isn’t enough. To paraphrase Karl Marx, the point isn’t to explain current history and geopolitics, but to change it.


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