Exploiting the Current Anti-Muslim sentiment in US and Europe, Netanyahu Tries to Link Palestinians to Islamist Terrorism to Garner Support for Its Policy of Extermination


After years of virtual silence about the continued Israeli settlement building on occupied Palestinian land and their non-stop home demolitions, harassment, beatings, extrajudicial killings, home raids, arrests, incarceration and torture of Palestinians, including children, that has intensified since last September, accelerating the long running genocide and extermination, UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, finally broke his silence in his address to the Security Council meeting last Tuesday and criticized Israel for continuing to build settlements on occupied Palestinian land and its violent crackdown on Palestinians who resist, adding that “it’s human nature to resist occupation”, although, he did also say that both sides should refrain from acts of terror. In response, “Prime Minister” of the Zionist entity occupying Palestine, Benyamin Netanyahu, said that the UN chief was encouraging terrorism, instead of condemning and trying to root it out.

Calling Palestinians’ legitimate and natural resistance to the bloody and cruel occupation, ethnic cleansing and all the atrocities and oppression that they’ve been subjected to for almost 70 years, terrorism, is nothing new and is to be expected from the occupiers. What is noteworthy, however, is that since the terror attacks of 9/11/2001 on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, which gave the US its pretext for endless imperialist wars in the name of “war on terror” and for categorizing the two strongest nations in the Middle East that Israel considered a threat, namely, Iraq and Iran, as part of an “axis of evil”, Israel grabbed and used the opportunity to link Palestinian resistance to Islamist terrorism, using the fact that the majority, though not all, Palestinians happen to be Muslim. The US “war on terror” gave them the excuse to group Palestinians fighting for their freedom and dignity against a most powerful occupation force, with Islamist Wahhabi terrorists exported, financed and armed by Saudi Arabia, which ironically is allied with US and Israel, terrorists who are supported and used by the US and its allies, including the Saudis, Israelis and Turks to help overthrow governments that they deem unfriendly and uncooperative towards the empire’s plans for world domination. 

A colonial settler and apartheid state founded on terror and mass murder, a state which perpetrates terror in the true sense of the word against the occupied people of Palestine in an effort to drive them out of their ancestral land, on a daily basis, a state which allies itself with Saudi Kings who fund and export Islamist terrorists, calls Palestinians terrorists and accuses Iran of supporting terrorism. 

Netanyahu tries to exploit the sentiment in US and Europe against terrorism, which is the blowback from US policy of using terrorists towards their geopolitical ends, to invoke hatred of Palestinian resistance fighters and criticizes the UN chief for encouraging terrorists by criticizing Israel. For Israel, however, fighting terrorism means killing and displacing Palestinians and pushing for war against Iran, as they did against Iraq and Syria. In a way, they try to justify their real terror against a defenseless occupied people by accusing their victims of committing acts of terror. It couldn’t have gotten any stranger or more outrageous.

There was a time when speaking of the Holocaust and the ways and means of the Nazis and their genocide against European Jews seemed to help the Zionist cause by invoking sympathy and guilt. Now, however, reminding people of the Naxis’ attempt at exterminating the Jewish people seems to work against Israel, as it reminds people of the strange and uncanny similarity between Zionists and Nazis and that’s something Israelis would rather not mention. A chief Israeli rabbi recently did however remind us of that similarity by saying that Israel must not leave a single Palestinian alive. And, he’s not the only Israeli who says that. Israeli government officials, including members of the ruling Likud Party and ministers have expressed similar wishes. 

Israel’s terrorism being committed in the name of fighting terrorism is also not unlike invaders, occupiers and mass murderers of the past, including the Nazis. Nor is Israel alone in that. The US blows up entire wedding parties and funerals using unmanned drones in the name of fighting terror. It bombs hospitals and kills doctors and nurses in the name of fighting terrorism. The truth is that terrorism is invariably committed by the occupiers, not the occupied. The occupied can only resist the terror of the occupier. The terror that must be stopped is that of the occupiers, usurpers and mass murderers. 

Occupiers often find it “necessary” to exterminate the occupied. They would rather kill every single subject of their occupation than end their occupation that gives rise to resistance. Exterminating an occupied people who won’t stop resisting is the logical and natural end result of occupation and that’s exactly where the situation in occupied Palestine is headed. But, we’re not completely helpless. The BDS movement is slowly but surely making an impact. That’s why Hillary Clinton promises to fight it if elected as president with everything that a US president can muster. Our goal should also be clear. Support the BDS movement to the best of our ability, not only for the sake of Palestinians, but all of humanity.


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