Sarah Palin Promises Trump Will “Kick ISIS’ Ass”

I feel bad for Sarah Palin. During her endorsement speech for Donald Trump, she angrily and with a frustrated and exacerbated voice screamed that Trump would “kick ISIS’ ass”. She, like so many other uninformed and misled Americans who get their news from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC (when they’re not watching reality TV about the Kardashians) are totally clueless about US foreign policy. Most reporters, who are given the “news” to read on TV, aren’t very different from the likes of Sarah Palin in their grasp of real US policies. But, their bosses are. The CEO’s of the large corporations that own the networks or newspapers do understand the real US goals and objectives in the world and know what to tell and not to tell people.

Sarah Palin and millions of Americans did believe Obama’s lie about wanting to annihilate ISIS (or ISIL, as Obama calls it). So, they can only conclude that he’s not able to. They forget that it’s not Obama himself who directs US pilots or special operations forces in Syria, but the US military whose leaders and generals and even rank and file don’t change from one president to the next. Obama’s incompetence, even if we believe is true, would play no role and would have no effect on the outcome of US operations. If US policy were to destroy ISIS, it’d make no difference if the president were Romney, Trump, McCain, Obama or Clinton or even Sarah Palin, herself. The degree to which they are successful hardly depends on who tells them to do it from the White House.

The problem is: that’s not what the US policy is. The US and its allies have armed and funded the ISIS to help them overthrow the Syrian government. Even if we ignore or deny the fact that the CIA was involved in arming Syrian “rebels” at the Turkish-Syrian border, which even New York Times reported on (June 14, 2014), US allies, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, would not arm ISIS terrorists without the US approval. when I write that such governments like Turkey or Israel or Saudi Arabia would not engage in acts that affect or impact and are consequential to US policies and objectives without US green light, someone always asks me how I know that and if I have any proof for it. That question itself speaks volumes of how much Americans have been in the dark about US politics and policies. That’s like asking how I know and if I have any proof that US police departments are racist.

When Russia finally intervened in Syria, after naively waiting (for far too long) to see if the US does indeed fight the ISIS and after it was convinced that the answer is negative, the US began complaining about their attacks on ISIS, instead of welcoming them. They complained that Russians are bombing the “moderate opposition” forces, even though their own Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), among others, concluded that “there are no moderates among the opposition in Syria”. Faced with that criticism, Russians told the US, okay, you give us the coordinates of ISIS forces as you know them and their location and we’ll bomb them to avoid bombing your “moderates”, to which the US replied “no”, with a tortuous explanation that sounded like coming from someone on the other end of a phone line with a very bad connection. At the end of that broken speech, we could only hear this revealing piece and I quote: “Russia’s objectives in Syria are different from ours”! Aha! I see!

Russians approached the US and said let’s agree on protocol not to engage each other’s bombers and after some contemplating, the US said okay. But, what they didn’t say is that their allies weren’t part of that agreement. When Russia’s bombers began dismantling ISIS oil facilities and operations, which was their source of income, which they earned by selling the stolen oil to Turkey for half its market value, Turkey, with the approval from Washington, shot down a Russian plane over Syria. For the US, that was meant as a warning to Russia. Nevertheless, Russia did not bow out and only months after its intervention, ISIS lost significant ground and was forced to largely flee Syria and look for hiding places in neighboring countries.

Sarah Palin should be angry at Obama, but not because he somehow couldn’t “destroy” ISIS, as he promised to do. She should be angry at him for not wanting to destroy them. Actually, she shouldn’t be angry at him for that, either, because it wasn’t really his call. It was and is that of the empire, the military industrial complex that continues to implement its long term imperial plans, regardless of who wins the presidency. And after she’s done being angry, she should thank the Russians. 


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