Is the US Really Fighting the ISIS Terrorists in Syria?


We’re hearing from Russisn government officials that the US isn’t fighting ISIS in Syria, despite their claims that they’re there to “destroy ISIS”. Well, that isn’t really telling us anything those of us who have been paying attention didn’t already know. Of course, the US wouldn’t bomb ISIS. The terrorists are paid mercenaries fighting against the Syrian government, which the US and its allies want to see overthrown. That makes them an ally, if not direct hired guns. That’s also why they won’t give the Russians the coordinates of ISIS positions so the Russians could bomb them. 

When Russia realized the US wasn’t bombing ISIS and began doing it themselves, the Obama Administration complained that Russians were bombing Syrian “moderates”. So, the Russians said “okay you give us their positions and we’ll bomb them” which the US refused. Any 6 year old who hasn’t limited himself or herself to getting the news from CNN, Fox New, MSNBC or other American TV stations and major newspapers, can understand that the Administration is lying when they say they’re fighting ISIS. What they’re doing in Syria is what they did in Iraq and Libya: regime change. Remember that in 2012, Obama used a pretext for attacking Syria, similar to Bush and Cheney’s, when they decided to do regime change in Iraq, namely, that Syria possessed and was using chemical weapons against its people. They said Syria has crossed the US declared red line. And of course, it goes without saying that the US has the exclusive right to decide which government has crossed the US red line, where the line is, when it’s been crossed and what the punishment is. And as we now know, the punishment for a government for killing its own people is for the US to attack and kill even more of its people. And of course, this only applies to those that don’t follow US orders; otherwise, plenty of governments friendly to US kill their own people, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and many others. Saudi Arabia, which is a close US ally is also massacring people in Yemen, Turkey is killing Kurds and Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians. If killing one’s own people warranted bombing and committing regime change, the US itself should have been subjected to it a long time ago, unless Black Lives Matter activists are just imagining things. 

When Obama’s pretext for attacking Syria didn’t work and seemed to invoke opposition, they began to more heavily depend on terror groups like ISIS and Al-Nusrah to do the job for them. Faced with a stalemate, over a year ago, the Administration told the American people that it was going to go in and bomb Syria, purportedly to defeat ISIS. But, as it turned out, their target was Syria’s infrastructure, power plants, water treatment facilities and government weapons depots. In the mean time, all that time, ISIS was extracting oil from their captured territories and selling to Turkey to finance their operations, right under the watchful eyes of the US. Major Western newspapers reported on this. When reporters asked US State Department about it in their briefing, they denied by saying Turkey wouldn’t do that because “they’re a NATO member and a trusted ally”. 

When Russians finally intervened, the US began air dropping heavy weapons to “the moderates”, which is a code word for ISIS. The terror group now is in possession of US made TOW antitank weapons, which the US presumably gave to “the moderates”, even though their own spy agencies have said that there are no “moderates” among forces fighting the Syrian government.

Conclusion: the Obama Administration is lying to the American people. They’re not in Syria to fight ISIS terrorists. They’re there to do regime change with the help of the terror group, which elevates rather than diminish the threat of terrorism by destabilizing the region and creating conditions for even more instability, chaos, massacres, terror and wars. The American people must demand an immediate withdrawal of all US troops from the Middle East and an end to military interventions and endless wars and spend the money at home to create jobs, repair infrastructure, provide universal free healthcare and education to all.


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