Who Will the Corporate Oligarchy Pick? 


It’s no exaggeration to say that the US presidential election campaigns and debates that are supposed to be a reflection of democracy and free competition of ideas for policy are a joke. Hidden behind all the rivalry, rhetoric, fear mongering, promises, lies and cheap nonsensical tough talk is the reality of a military and corporate empire owned and controlled by a super wealthy oligarchy that has complete control over policies, plans and priorities. What we witnessed during the latest so-called debate between Republican candidates, which CNN presented like a boxing match, complete with the lights and sounds and the singing of the national anthem and calling the names of the contestants as they entered the ring, was a display of ignorance and stupidity. Boxing contestants actually make more sense than them. Some want to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. Some want to start a war with Russia. Some connect Iran to ISIS, ignoring the fact that Iran is one of ISIS’ main enemies. And some just talk nonsense.

Back in 2008 and 2009, when liberals were enthused about Obama’s candidacy and subsequent victory, many were boasting of his intellect and smarts. I remember reading an article in Mother Jones in early 2009, where the author thought Obama was so smart that he was beyond criticism because whatever the criticism, he would turn out to be right and the critic wrong, since he was “the smartest person in the room”, as the author put it (liberals can beat conservatives at ridiculousness any day of the week). When I wrote “I don’t want a ‘smart’ president”, someone asked in puzzlement if I wanted a dumb president, completely missing the point that the president is the leader of the empire and a smart leader means a more efficient and a more lethal empire and more efficient wars and mass murder by the empire. 

Now, liberals are screaming about the egomaniac, narcissistic, racist and misogynic Donald Trump and to ensure his defeat, are asking people to vote for Hillary Clinton, who admittedly is no idiot, which is not good news to millions of people here and abroad. Trump will most likely be undermined, discredited and tossed aside eventually by the ruling class and their political establishment in Washington because they don’t deem him qualified to lead the empire – unless they can groom and train him, which doesn’t seem very likely. 

Trump isn’t necessarily the most right wing, reactionary or even the most racist candidate, though he probably is the least informed about the needs and requirements of the empire. What makes him different from other right wing and reactionary candidates like Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton or Marco Rubio is that he openly puts his bigotry on display, whereas other racists like Clinton or Rubio or Cruz don’t. His supporters love it when he says he doesn’t “have time for political correctness”, not just because of his openness, but also the fact that he’s breaking with the tradition of hiding one’s racism and making it okay to be openly racist. 

But, that’s what the ruling class isn’t ready for. Not that it thinks or feels differently, but it doesn’t think it’s the right time for it. Fascism is always ready to raise its ugly head in capitalist societies, but the timing has to be right and right now it isn’t. I know some will disagree with that and point out the level of police brutality against Blacks, the massive surveillance, the mass incarceration and militarization of the police, among others, as signs of fascism, but I don’t think we’re there, yet. 

In any case, Trump may be the face of coming fascism, but his open racism could at the moment be a liability rather than an asset for the ruling class. Clinton on the other hand, is more prudent and more reliable to be the leader of the empire and has proven to be a loyal servant of big Wall Street money, imperialism and imperialist wars. Clinton’s prudence and smarts is an asset for the ruling oligarchy that she wants to serve, as was Obama’s, which the class noticed and vetted and helped him get elected. What the liberal author of the article in Mother Jones forgot is that if the leader of people’s enemy is smart, it’s good for them, but not for people. And this is the problem with liberals: they have no concept or understanding of classes and class interests.

Sanders, likewise can be trusted to be the leader of the empire, especially since he can have a pacifying effect on liberals, while supporting imperialist wars and imperialist allies and giving the impression that he cares and might actually try to alleviate people’s suffering, as was the case with Obama. But the ruling oligarchy doesn’t feel at the present time that they need him for pacification purposes. The level of discontent isn’t at a level that would make him essential. 

The class of billionaires are still weighing and considering their options, but Clinton is looking more and more like their best choice. Considering these facts, anyone who considers himself or herself progressive and still supports Clinton is either a liar or completely detached from reality. Real change will only come from the streets, whether it’s by Black Lives Matter or Occupy Wall Street or a joint movement by both.


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