US Hypocrisy and Double Talk on ISIS and Syria


Despite many credible reports, including by major news organizations in the West, that Turkey has been buying oil from ISIS, which the latter takes from territories they have captured in Syria and Iraq, which helps them fund their terrorist activities, the US State Department denied the allegation in their press briefing on December 2nd. Deputy Spokesperson, Mark Toner, expressed confidence that it’s not true and said that “Turkey is a NATO member and a trusted ally”, even after a questioner held up Russian satellite photos showing hundreds of trucks entering Turkey from Syria unhindered, which really means “we don’t care” because “Turkey is a NATO member and a trusted ally”. He said about the satellite photos: “I just don’t know what to make of them. I’ve heard secondhand that they don’t show much”, and added that “we have our own way of getting” such information, and went on to accuse the Syrian government of not fighting ISIS and only fighting the “moderates”, even though ISIS is the most potent and most effective of the so-called “opposition”, who are trying to overthrow the secular government and establish their own Islamic caliphate and despite the fact that the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has said that “there are no moderates amongst the opposition”. And, never mind that they can’t even be called “opposition” because they’re mostly made up of foreign mercenary fighters. The lies and shamelessness has truly reached new levels. 
Speaking of trusted allies, if you tell them that Saudi Arabia funds Islamic terrorists to spread their backward, extreme, violent and fundamentalist view of Islam or that they publicly behead women who get raped for the “crime” of being the victim of a rape, what do you think they’ll say? That Saudi Arabia “is a trusted ally”. It’s fair to ask what really is the difference between Saudi Arabia, which is a brutal and reactionary Islamic fundamentalist caliphate and ISIS or ISIL that’s trying to create one in Iraq and Syria? The difference is that Saudi Arabia is formally and openly “an ally”, which means it acts in the interests of US imperialism, whereas ISIS is not openly and formally an ally – not yet anyway – although they have no problem arming and training them, or terrorists like them, to overthrow governments that aren’t considered “a trusted ally” and don’t act in the interests of US imperialism. 
The purchase of oil from ISIS terrorists by Turkey at half the market price became public lately, whereas these and other terror groups, including Al-Nusra, have been getting arms and ammunition, including heavy weapons, in Turkey and slipping into Syria to fight the government to create their Islamic caliphate for 5 years, with the complicity, support and help of the US and its allies, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia. This was reported even by New York Times on June 11, 2014, when they wrote that the CIA was reportedly helping arm the “rebels” at Turkish-Syrian border.
Does anyone really think that if the Syrian government was an ally like Turkey or Saudi Arabia or Israel, they’d give a hoot about how severely they cracked down on their so-called “opposition”? Are they ever going to make a big deal about Turkey’s arrest and jailing of their journalists, or Saudi Arabia’s beheading of their political opponents or even about beheading of women who dare to get raped, not to mention Israel’s ethnic cleansing and war crimes? So, I don’t understand why liberals still want to support such a government by supporting Hillary or Bernie or Obama, instead of trying to expose them as the enemy of people everywhere. Do they really expect THIS government that has absolutely no principles or humanity or decency and all it cares about is to expand and protect the interests of multinational corporations and their billionaire shareholders at any cost, to do the right thing for its own people, such as about police brutality or poverty or homelessness or lack of access to healthcare or backbreaking debts or mass incarceration, etc?


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