Some Facts About US Purported Fight Against ISIS

Fact: despite US proclamations of its intention to fight ISIS, its priority remains regime change in Syria, and since ISIS and other Islamist terrorists are fighting the Syrian government, it will not seriously fight them, and evidence suggests that they haven’t and don’t. More than a year of bombing within Syria, purportedly against ISIS, left ISIS as strong as ever. Their bombing campaign has reportedly mostly been against the government forces and Syrian infrastructure, including power plants and facilities. Actions follow intentions and as long as their intention is regime change for their own geopolitical reasons, it couldn’t have been otherwise.

Fact: ISIS funds its operations, including its hiring of paid mercenaries from different countries, by taking oil from oil fields it has captured in Iraq and Syria and shipping it to Turkey, where it sells in black market. The Turkish government knows about this and allows it. Bilal Erdogan, the son of President Erdogan has even set up a business for buying and selling ISIS oil. Had the US and its allies been serious about stopping ISIS, all they had to do was, according to The Guardian, bomb their oil fields and operations. But, they won’t since ISIS remains their best tool and vehicle for fighting the Assad government and accomplishing their plan for regime change.

Fact: This is not unprecedented. The US has done this before and has the experience. Back in early 1980’s, they recruited Islamist jihadis from Muslim countries, mostly from Saudi Arabia, which also contributed to the effort monetarily, armed, trained and funded them and with the help of Pakistan, which shares a border with Afghanistan, and its special forces, sent them into Afghanistan to fight against the socialist government there, which was allied and supported by the Soviet Union. Their success there removed any doubts that it could be done. They knew their actions could and probably would have undesired consequences, but accomplishing their desired regime change trumped any such blowback. 9/11 terrorist attacks were the chickens coming home to roost, but that only strengthened their resolve that what they did was worth it because that terror attack, which mostly killed American civilians, gave the government the political capital it wanted to do more regime changes, more directly and more efficiently, in more countries. Turkey is playing the same role for the US against its neighbor now, as did Pakistan against its in 1980’s.

Fact: Russia’s decision that it could no longer afford to sit idly by and watch NATO topple yet another government, as it was doing in a methodical and persistent way and that it had to intervene on the side of its ally in Syria, created a problem for the US and its allies. What it did was to show that if you’re serious, you can cripple ISIS, especially when you don’t refrain from bombing and destroying the oil facilities they have captured and are profiting from by shipping to Turkey and Israel. This exposed the US hypocrisy and lies about fighting ISIS. As a result of Russia’s bombardment, Syrian ground troops have begun making progress against ISIS, for the first time in years, throwing US plan for regime change in jeopardy.

Fact: The war between Islamist terrorists, such as ISIS and Al-Nusra forces against the Syrian government has created an opportunity for Turkey to go after and crush the Kurds who enjoy some level of autonomy within Syria and Iraq. Turkey’s main objective is to kill its own Kurdish population’s dream for achieving similar autonomy in the Eastern parts of Turkey, where they mostly live. Though Kurds are Sunni Muslims, they’re not fundamentalists like Saudis and ISIS. In fact, they have many women among their fighters. Women Kurds freely attend schools and universities and drive vehicles. Kurds who are considered an enemy by ISIS, have been the main and most efficient force on the ground fighting ISIS. They were the ones who liberated thousands of Yazidis who fled ISIS executioners into the mountains and saved them from certain massacre and genocide. As reported by The Guardian, “not only has Erdoğan done almost everything he can to cripple the forces actually fighting Isis; there is considerable evidence that his government has been at least tacitly aiding Isis itself.” The Guardian adds that “it might seem outrageous to suggest that a Nato member like Turkey would in any way support an organisation that murders western civilians in cold blood. That would be like a Nato member supporting al-Qaida. But in fact there is reason to believe that Erdoğan’s government does support the Syrian branch of al-Qaida (Jabhat al-Nusra) too, along with any number of other rebel groups that share its conservative Islamist ideology. The Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University has compiled a long list of evidence of Turkish support for Isis in Syria.” Turkey has also been the main conduit for transferring weapons and ammunition to the terrorists in Syria, similar to how Pakistan was used by the US to transfer weapons to Mujaheddin fighting the Soviets. They have even been training ISIS fighters and treating their wounded according to reports by Turkish journalists and others.

Fact: The US claimed four years ago that the Assad government is brutally cracking down on “the opposition” and killing them and that’s why they decided that he must go. But, first of all what constitutes “the opposition” is mainly terror groups like ISIS who went to Syria from neighboring Arab countries, to create, with the help of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others, an Islamist Caliphate by murdering those who don’t agree with their version of Islam. Even US’ own intelligence has said that “there are no moderates among the opposition”. Secondly, if the US concern was really for the Syrian population, they would have agreed to peace talks between the government and legitimate opposition within Syria, at the exclusion of foreign terrorists, which Russia repeatedly proposed and the US rejected, even after seeing how the so-called “opposition”, which Obama calls “moderates” in contradiction with their own intelligence, was massacring people in the thousands. Not only did they not care about people being massacred, they continued to arm them as was reported widely in 2014, even by the New York Times, which it did in June of last year.

Fact: When the US agreed with Russia on plans to avoid each other’s aircraft in order to avoid conflict between the two powers, the agreement left US allies free to try to make it costly and hard for Russia to turn the situation around in Syria and destroy US, Turkish and Saudi plans for regime change. The downing of the Russian aircraft by Turkey is therefore not surprising and could have been predicted, especially after Russia bombed ISIS oil facilities. What is certain is that based on the nature of the long relations between the Turkish military and the Pentagon, Turkey would not attack a Russian plane without the US knowledge and consent. Those who are familiar with those relations and interworking know that. The US has nothing to lose from increased chaos in Syria and everything to gain, at the expense of the Syrian people.

Fact: Although US plan for Syria was regime change, as they did in Iraq, plan B was also alright by them, which is the total devastation of the country to the point where different forces would occupy different parts of the country, preventing a unified, strong and central government and making it ungovernable, as they did to Libya, and possibly even having it split into separate states. Already, more than 250,000 people have been killed and seven million displaced and turned into refugees. The military is weakened and its infrastructure destroyed beyond recognition. Israel could not have been happier. For the first time since its occupation of Golan Heights from Syria, it saw the opportunity to begin digging for oil in the Heights. So, again, no surprise there that Israel has also been on board and aiding ISIS.

Fact: The US and its gang of Islamist friends in the Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, as well as, Britain, Turkey and Israel are not helping with the problem of world terrorism; they’re the ones creating it and making it worse with their interventions, aggression and regime changes. In fact, the US, with the help of its allies, has at the minimum been complicit and at most arming, funding and supporting terrorists to achieve its geopolitical and strategic goal of complete and total hegemony and control over the Middle East and beyond, as well as, over its resources. Long term, what it will take to reduce world tensions, especially in the Middle East and deal with the issue of terrorism effectively and decidedly is a complete and fundamental shift in US policies and priorities, from its penchant for endless wars and aggression and regime changes to one of building peace. The world’s problem, right now, is not some dictatorships cracking down on their people that the US has to go and stop through wars and regime change. If that’s what they truly cared about, they’d start with their closest friends in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Israel, Turkey and elsewhere. The world’s main problem right now is US’ and its allies’ wars and aggression that’s made the world a dangerous place to live. 


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