Coverup of a Coldblooded Assassination of an unarmed 17 Year Old by Chicago Police Shows Systemic Racism and Corruption

 Every time a young Black man or woman gets shot and killed, execution style, by police, we hear from the politicians and the media that echo their words to us that we should be “thankful” to “men and women in uniform” for keeping us safe! President Obama said he was “deeply disturbed” by the video and then dedicated most of his statement thanking “men and women in uniform who protect our communities with honor”. 

How the hell do they protect us when they kill us everyday and I mean everyday, literally. According to Washington Post “at least 72 people have been shot and killed by police across the United States within the past 30 days”. That’s far greater than any terrorist group could ever manage or hope to kill. In fact, the odds of getting killed by police in the US is far greater than by terrorists. So, it seems logical to me that what we should really have is “war on the police”, not “war on terror”, which is actually just a sham and a big lie, anyway, used to justify wars of the empire against the poor of the world, just as the militarized police is used to wage war on the poor and minorities, here.

When a “Muslim terrorist” kills some white folks in Paris, they call for more wars in Muslim countries, but when a racist cop empties his entire magazine – 16 bullets – into a 17 year old Black kid, even while he’s down, it’s just “upsetting” and we are immediately reminded that they’re here to protect us, rather than call it an act of terror. Every bullet that entered the motionless body of Laquan McDonald, you could see smoke rising from his body, while his terrorist comrades stood by and watched and kept quiet about it for over 13 months, until the video was finally released, under pressure. That’s not terror, of course, it’s just “collateral damage” in the war on the poor and Blacks, which they call “protecting and serving”. And, it is this same white supremacist government of the rich that tells us which government is our enemy and must be toppled, ironically by using terrorists that it arms and funds. Those I suppose are the good terrorists, whom Obama calls “the opposition”. If he can call murderous police our protectors, why not call terrorists our allies? Makes you wonder who the head terrorists are.  

While they want us to believe that such acts of terror and cold blooded assassinations are isolated incidents and aren’t systemic or representative of s terrorist state terrorizing its citizens, we see that the truth is otherwise, that it occurs everyday and in every American city and nothing gets done about it. Officer Jason Van Dyke who had 18 prior complaints against him for using excessive force and racial epithets before murdering Laquan McDonald, and on whose behalf taxpayers awarded one of his victims $350,000 in damages in a lawsuit, is indeed the norm, within a racist system that’s rotten and corrupt to the core. The Chicago police and mayor lied to the public after the murder and said Laquan was shot once in the chest because he threatened the officer with his knife, and refused to release the dash cam video for over a year. Both of those claims turned out to be a lie. He did not threaten anyone – he was walking away from the cops when he got shot – and he was not shot just once. Only when they released the video, did they feel they had no choice but to file murder charges against his killer cop since the video showed their claim was a blatant lie. The fact that the other officers stood by and did nothing, while his killer continued to shoot him and that the department and the City did nothing about it all this time and lied and covered it up shows that this is tolerated, it’s systemic and it’s not an isolated incident. So, when they tell us it’s not systemic, it too is just another lie.

CBS News said that “Chicago leaders had feared that the release of the video could provoke the kind of turmoil that rocked cities such as Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, after young black men were slain by police or died in police custody”. So, that makes a lot of sense. Cover up and lie about cold blooded murder of an unarmed innocent teenaged boy because you don’t want people to protest killing of innocent people.


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