False Flags Or False Theories? 

 In order to give any kind of analysis, one has to start from some fundamental principles and truisms. And, those basic and fundamental principles that we base our analyses on have to be historically, socioeconomically and politically consistent and be based on facts and reason. For example, we know that left free and uninterrupted, capitalists will do anything, including mass murder and ruining of the environment, even to their own long term detriment, in order to increase their profits. But we also know that their power is not limitless and they also can make mistakes. We know that the media that’s owned and controlled by them tell lies in order to distract, deceive, mislead and hide or whitewash their crimes and true intentions from the public. But, we also know that they can’t hide or misrepresent everything, though they will try; there will be holes in their accounts. We know their government will wage wars and commit crimes against humanity, but we also know that there will be resistance of some sort, by some, even if it’s misguided and reactionary. We know their war machine is most powerful, but it can’t be everywhere at once. We know they hire the best and brightest minds, but they can’t plan and implement everything perfectly and without fault and we know that they’re not without their own vulnerabilities and weaknesses. And more importantly, we know that they can’t do everything that they do, without getting some kind of blowback that can come back and haunt and trouble them, in some way or another. In other words, they’re powerful, with powerful military, weapons and propaganda capability, but they’re not God. What’s more, it would be unrealistic, pure fantasy and religion-like to, immediately and without a sober look at the facts, attribute every deed, every atrocity, every disaster and tragedy to them in a knee jerk reaction. That’s what the religious do; they attribute everything that they can’t explain to God. 

It’s been suggested, for example, that there never was any Islamic fundamentalist terror group like Al Qaeda and ISIS and they’re just fabrications to implement the government’s goal of world domination through endless wars and police states. It’s one thing to suggest that the US government found out about the impending 9/11 attacks and let it happen, for example, than to suggest that such terrorists never even existed. It’s also been suggested that the terror attacks that killed 291 people in Paris, the other day, were known by French authorities in advance and in detail, including, I suppose, how many people were going to get killed, which supposedly proves that it was a “false flag” attack. Again, it’s one thing to suggest that the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia helped create or that at least armed and funded ISIS (there is credible evidence and it was reported widely that the CIA, Saudis and other Gulf states armed them and the CIA vetted them at Turkish-Syrian border to help overthrow the Syrian government) and quite another to deny there even is such an organization. 

Some even claimed the Boston Marathon bombers were fictitious and the creation of the US government. Even the Sandy Hook massacre has been called a “false flag” attack by same, which makes you wonder if there is any limit to how crazy such claims can get. And that’s the thing about such “conspiracy theorists”: they know or care about no limits because their claims are neither based on facts, nor Logic or common sense. If you’re going to claim something without any evidence, why not go all the way, right? 

Some of these wild and baseless speculations are beyond crazy, such as the Rothschild family being the ones responsible for the Holocaust. According to this “theory” (if you can call it that), years before the Nazis came to power, the Rothschilds planned for millions of Jews to be killed so they could have the world’s sympathy to create the “Jewish state” years later, in order to ensure their continued power and wealth. That’s when all you can say is “wow”. 

Other such claims are also racist, besides being crazy, like the claims that Jews or Jewish bankers are always somehow involved in such tragedies. Speaking of racism, even the suggestion that Arab Islamists and jihadis could never have planned and executed the 9/11 attacks due to its high level of sophistication (I’m only talking about that particular part of their argument here, not what role the government had in it, if any) is racist. 

Same goes for planning and executing the Paris attacks. It’s one thing to say the authorities learned of the terrorists’ plan and did nothing to stop it and quite another to claim that it was an “inside job”. The evidence we’re told is that the government is now using it to bomb Syria and is dismantling the system of civil liberties and due process. In this worldview, there is never any opportunity to be grabbed and used as pretext; everything is pre-planned and executed according to plan. The state of Israel, which is being used to its maximum potential by imperialism to rule over the oil rich Middle East, for example, was planned and created by imperialism, rather than the latter seeing its potential and letting it or helping it be created. So it makes sense, according to this view, to go back even further and complete the speculation and say that the events prior to the creation of the state, including the Holocaust was planned by imperialism to justify the creation of the Zionist state because “hey, look how imperialism is using it”, so the whole thing must have been planned, since, as you’ll often hear from these theorists, “there are no coincidences”. 

In fact, any successfully executed atrocity must be the job of the CIA or their counterparts of their allies. Often, a correlation is found and used to justify such theories where there really isn’t any. And, if you object to their “connecting the dots”, they respond that they “don’t believe in coincidences” or that “there are no coincidences”, which is almost like saying there can’t be two different things happening at the same time or close together in time or one following the other, without having any causal or other correlation with each other. For example, one can say the rising carbon levels in the atmosphere is causing obesity and diabetes in people because the latter began happening as the CO2 levels rose. 

Some say the Paris attacks were orchestrated by the state to make it easier for police to control the crowd during the meeting on climate change that’s planned to take place in Paris. You see you can, and some do, connect anything to anything. When you free yourself of facts and reasoning and become a “free spirit”, you can say anything and if people won’t take you seriously, who cares, you always have your followers on social media.

This tendency of some on the left to call every bombing, murder and terror attack a “false flag” attack and the work of the government or governments can potentially have a disempowering effect on people and make them feel powerless, hopeless and therefore apathetic, which can work in the favor of those same governments that all bombings and attacks are attributed to by conspiracy theorists. And maybe THAT is part of their plan, too. In fact, it would not be unreasonable to assume that that is indeed part of their plan, as it can turn otherwise caring, aware and active individuals into advocates of “there is nothing you can do, so don’t even try and instead keep singing the praise of their power and invincibility” attitude. In fact, this is more reasonable to assume about them than being the master planners and executors of everything that takes place in the world. 

It’s also unrealistic to assume that the aggressive and murderous policies, wars, occupations, mass murders, oppression and exploitation by imperialism around the world would have no blowback or reaction from any group of people anywhere. It’s much more reasonable to assume that such reactions will exist than to assume super powers and airtight control over all events in the world by imperialist governments. It’s true that they want complete control and hegemony over the whole world and they do plan on it and follow through, but that still doesn’t mean everything that happens is part of their grand intergenerational plan for new world order.

The fact is that such fanciful, baseless and knee jerk speculations, some of which is motivated by racism and some by laziness and which replace fact checking, evidence gathering and rigorous analysis is unhelpful and is in fact counterproductive. Replacing facts and analysis with a general formula of “it’s them” has an uncanny similarity with religious approach, which does exactly the same thing about explaining how the universe came into existence, how it works and how we all came to be: “GOD did it”. It sure makes things a lot easier. Doesn’t it?!


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