Another Innocent Man Is Killed by Police and No One Has to Answer For It


If you haven’t realized yet that regardless of the original crime someone is suspected of, the police in this country punish, and punish hard, anyone who doesn’t immediately and completely obey their commands, even if their commands are unreasonable, unnecessary, unjust or even illegal, especially when the suspect is African American, you haven’t been paying attention, which means you either are white or not poor or both. Blacks don’t need to be told this because they already know – every single one of them, even those who are relatively well to do. But, of course, not all Blacks will admit that because some of them, like Dr. Ben I-hate-Muslims Carson and President Obama are too busy kissing white establishment ass and will deny their own mother to win favorability with the white supremacist ruling class. 

The punishment that police impose on their suspects and proceed to execute, all on their own, and with total disregard for the law, and just because their suspect runs from them or doesn’t immediately comply with their wishes, which is considered a blow to their ego and a challenge of their power, is typically severe and brutal beating or tasing, which often leads to serious injury or death or shooting them to death. Sometimes – actually often – there isn’t even a suspicion of any crime, at all, and the result is still the same: brutal beating that too often leads to injury or death. And this practice of detaining an individual without any cause for suspicion to find out what crime they can find to charge him with, if any, is mainly reserved for African Americans.

That was the case in the killing of Freddie Grey, an unarmed young man, who was arrested without a cause in Baltimore a few months ago and died from injuries he suffered, including a broken back, while in police custody, without ever having been charged for anything. Another case that’s similar to that is that of Linwood Lambert, an innocent unarmed man who was killed by police having done no harm to anyone, without anyone being charged or having to answer for his death, as if nothing significant happened, as if some insect was squashed to death, until the video of the incident was obtained and showed on MSNBC yesterday, two and a half years after the incident. Imagine how many such cases remain unnoticed and unpublicized. 

On May 4, 2013, South Boston, Virginia police was called to a motel, where Linwood was staying because of complaints of some noises. When they arrived at his unit, they noticed he was hallucinating. So, they told him he was not being arrested, but was going to be taken to the emergency room because they said he needed medical care. Well, whether he really did or did not need emergency medical care, those officers were definitely the wrong people to get him to the care they claimed he needed because they never did take him to the emergency room and instead ended up killing him in their custody. Yep. Imagine that. It’s no exaggeration to say that being near or around the police in the US is extremely dangerous and hazardous and could result in serious injury or death, especially to African Americans, like some kind of hazardous or radioactive material.

Anyway, those officers cuffed Linwood’s hands and put him in their car and drove to the hospital. When they arrived and parked the car, Linwood broke the car window with his legs and when the officers opened the door, he ran from them towards the emergency room, hit the glass door with his body and fell hitting the ground, hard, while still handcuffed behind his back. So, the three cops did what any normal caring human being would do seeing the helpless distraught and hallucinating man shackled and on the ground: they tased him over and over and over. They yelled at him to stay on the ground and he said “OK” and stayed on the ground, but they still tased him, Repeatedly. They restrained his legs with shackles and again tasted him, while shackled on the ground and unable to move. Then, they put him back into the car, almost unconscious and shackled, to take him to jail, when it should have been even more obvious than before that he needed care, and while he couldn’t even sit up straight in the squad car, due to all the shock he had received, they tased him even more, apparently because he couldn’t sit straight! They tased him, while he was handcuffed in the car and in no position to be a threat to anyone and while he was pleading for his life: “why are you trying to kill me? Please don’t do it. Please don’t do it, please officer”. A little later, he was dead. 

All that because he ran from them, without even a chance to get away or to harm anyone. That was his crime, for which he was sentenced to death right on the spot and executed by a militarized police, which has nothing in common with traditional urban police and everything in common with military occupation force facing enemy combatants they’re trying to defeat and crush. 


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