Israel Wants the US to Raise its Aid to $5 Billion

 Israel wants the US to increase its aid to $5 billion a year after a recent increase raised it to $4 billion. The ethnic cleansing in occupied Palestine is costing more than expected even with US giving them all the bullets and tear gas canisters they need. Billions of dollars is already sent every year to the apartheid state that’s brutally cleansing the land of Palestinians and building settlements on stolen land, despite so many homeless, millions going hungry and government assistance to the poor being cut in the US and American infrastructure left in disrepair. The US policy of supporting, funding and aiding Israel in its ongoing genocide, unconditionally and at all cost, is truly at a level of and has all the characteristics of a total obsession. It’s not surprising that the US government would leave its own people hungry and its students burdened with thousands of dollars of debt and millions still not able to see a doctor and bridges and highways falling apart and send all the aid Israel wants in a panic and in knee jerk reaction, especially after every massacre or brutal crackdown on and crushing of Palestinian uprisings. What is surprising even to those of us who have long pointed to the importance US imperialism places on its Israeli asset in occupied Palestine is the degree of this devotion that’s taken on a quality of a total obsession. 

Unfortunately for the oppressed people of Palestine, who are suffering and dying everyday under the boots of Zionism, their freedom is predicated upon major changes in the US, where the poor and especially poor blacks are also getting killed on a daily basis. Israeli leaders know that and that’s why their agents work with the CIA in many different countries, including in the US against US citizens.


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