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Coverup of a Coldblooded Assassination of an unarmed 17 Year Old by Chicago Police Shows Systemic Racism and Corruption

 Every time a young Black man or woman gets shot and killed, execution style, by police, we hear from the politicians and the media that echo their words to us that we should be “thankful” to “men and women in uniform” for keeping us safe! President Obama said he was “deeply disturbed” by the video and then dedicated most of his statement thanking “men and women in uniform who protect our communities with honor”. 

How the hell do they protect us when they kill us everyday and I mean everyday, literally. According to Washington Post “at least 72 people have been shot and killed by police across the United States within the past 30 days”. That’s far greater than any terrorist group could ever manage or hope to kill. In fact, the odds of getting killed by police in the US is far greater than by terrorists. So, it seems logical to me that what we should really have is “war on the police”, not “war on terror”, which is actually just a sham and a big lie, anyway, used to justify wars of the empire against the poor of the world, just as the militarized police is used to wage war on the poor and minorities, here.

When a “Muslim terrorist” kills some white folks in Paris, they call for more wars in Muslim countries, but when a racist cop empties his entire magazine – 16 bullets – into a 17 year old Black kid, even while he’s down, it’s just “upsetting” and we are immediately reminded that they’re here to protect us, rather than call it an act of terror. Every bullet that entered the motionless body of Laquan McDonald, you could see smoke rising from his body, while his terrorist comrades stood by and watched and kept quiet about it for over 13 months, until the video was finally released, under pressure. That’s not terror, of course, it’s just “collateral damage” in the war on the poor and Blacks, which they call “protecting and serving”. And, it is this same white supremacist government of the rich that tells us which government is our enemy and must be toppled, ironically by using terrorists that it arms and funds. Those I suppose are the good terrorists, whom Obama calls “the opposition”. If he can call murderous police our protectors, why not call terrorists our allies? Makes you wonder who the head terrorists are.  

While they want us to believe that such acts of terror and cold blooded assassinations are isolated incidents and aren’t systemic or representative of s terrorist state terrorizing its citizens, we see that the truth is otherwise, that it occurs everyday and in every American city and nothing gets done about it. Officer Jason Van Dyke who had 18 prior complaints against him for using excessive force and racial epithets before murdering Laquan McDonald, and on whose behalf taxpayers awarded one of his victims $350,000 in damages in a lawsuit, is indeed the norm, within a racist system that’s rotten and corrupt to the core. The Chicago police and mayor lied to the public after the murder and said Laquan was shot once in the chest because he threatened the officer with his knife, and refused to release the dash cam video for over a year. Both of those claims turned out to be a lie. He did not threaten anyone – he was walking away from the cops when he got shot – and he was not shot just once. Only when they released the video, did they feel they had no choice but to file murder charges against his killer cop since the video showed their claim was a blatant lie. The fact that the other officers stood by and did nothing, while his killer continued to shoot him and that the department and the City did nothing about it all this time and lied and covered it up shows that this is tolerated, it’s systemic and it’s not an isolated incident. So, when they tell us it’s not systemic, it too is just another lie.

CBS News said that “Chicago leaders had feared that the release of the video could provoke the kind of turmoil that rocked cities such as Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, after young black men were slain by police or died in police custody”. So, that makes a lot of sense. Cover up and lie about cold blooded murder of an unarmed innocent teenaged boy because you don’t want people to protest killing of innocent people.


The Truth About the Downing of a Russian Plane by Turkey

Let’s get a few things straight here about the downing of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey over Syrian air:

1. Turkey would not fire on a Russian plane without the US green light.

2. Not only was this act of war initiated by Washington, even the lie that Russia violated Turkey’s airspace must have come from them.

3. The idea was to discourage Russia from its continued bombing of ISIS positions, which is having an impact, without the US actually resorting to such confrontation and aggression against Russia, itself. This is classic Washington approach. This comes right after the recent revelation that the US was never serious about fighting ISIS and made no dent in their capabilities and forces, after more than a year of bombing, supposedly, ISIS terrorists, which is something that has damaged US credibility.

4. What this shows is extreme frustration and desperation on the part of the empire due to its Inability to overthrow the Syrian government, after over four years, despite throwing everything they have at it and despite arming and funding the most brutal terror and mercenary groups the world has ever known and despite the combined efforts of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Britain, France, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, in addition to the US, itself. What they didn’t anticipate was Russia’s involvement in fighting ISIS and it’s Russia therefore that they hope to intimidate and neutralize. Keep in mind that Russia sat back and waited for the US to do the fighting against ISIS and intervened only when it became clear that what the US and its allies wanted was regime change in Syria, not the defeat of ISIS. 

The “Circle” of Violence and Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

 Despite the common characterization of the horrendous situation in occupied Palestine or “occupied territories” as a “viscous circle” of violence, it really isn’t a circle since that implies repeating a certain set of conditions and evens. The violence, which except for some desperate acts of resistance by Palestinians against a brutal and endless occupation, is entirely one-sided, becomes more intense and more egregious by every passing day. 

The latest uprising began when groups of Jewish settlers, escorted by occupation forces, attacked Palestinian worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and wounded about s dozen unarmed people. Although that was a trigger, it was not the only such attack. Attacks by settlers on Palestinians have accelerated in recent years and have become routine. Several videos emerged recently showing Israeli settlers running over Palestinian children and driving away. An American settler threw a firebomb into a Palestinian home burning an 18 month old baby to death along with his brother and parents. Groups of armed settler gangs have been seen and reported on roaming Palestinian neighborhoods and beating and wounding Palestinians under the protection of occupation troops.

As Israel continues to build settlements and settle Jewish settlers on occupied Palestinian land and as Palestinians are evicted before the bulldozers arrive to demolish their homes, and as the newly arrived settler population grows, it’s changing the makeup and demographic of the Israeli Jewish population, increasing the ratio of the settlers over those Jews who lived there before 1948, side by side their Arab neighbors. Since zealot Jewish settlers who move to Israel with a sense of entitlement to the land and are therefore more devout in their cause of Zionism, which gives them free home built on demolished Palestinian homes, they tend to be more racist and violent, causing the attacks on Palestinians to continue to rise. Instead of causing concern in the Israeli government, this trend and shift towards more violence is welcomed by the settler state for two reasons: 1) it gives the state that is bent on ethnic cleansing and extermination of the Palestinians living under its occupation continued pretexts for violent crackdown and “collective punishment”; and 2) it brings new recruits for the occupation forces to further the cause of ethnic cleansing.

So, the cycle continues, but not in a steady state; it continues towards more violence against the occupied, more ruthless crackdowns and newer atrocities, all meant to drive out the Palestinians to complete the cleansing of the land claimed exclusively for Jews.

Some, including long time Zionists, are now expressing “concern” that Israel may be going “too far” in its treatment of Palestinians. But, when was it not too far? Were the massacres of 1947-1948 prior to the establishment of the Zionist state that killed thousands of innocent people and destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages not “too far” or was the displacement of some 800,000 Palestinian and driving them into refugee camps not going too far? Or how about the brutal occupation that has killed, displaced and incarcerated many thousands more since its establishment, including the arrest and incarceration of children? 

The fact is that there is absolutely no justification for a colonial settler state built on and maintained through brutal occupation, ethnic cleansing and apartheid, to begin with. Murder is murder. There is no “going too far” or “far enough” in it. But, the point here is that wrongs and injustices that are maintained by brute force always lead to even more injustices, more violence and more atrocities against those who were wronged in the first place. It’s impossible to build a colonial and settler state and not commit ethnic cleansing. It’s impossible to occupy a people and not murder and commit atrocities against them. And it’s impossible for the occupation to continue without increasing the violence against the occupied. The trend in such cases can never be towards more peace or even sustained in a steady state and will always be towards more killings, more massacres and more war crimes.

As the situation in occupied Palestine continues to deteriorate and result in more killings and more incarceration and torture, including of children in their pre and early teens (over 100 since early October – every three days, a Palestinian child is killed by Israeli forces), thanks to an unlimited and unquestioning aid and support from the US, which gives Israel no incentive to change course, it’s becoming clear even to those who don’t want to admit it that the apartheid and settler state and its occupation of Palestine is the source of all the injustices, killings and atrocities and it must therefore be abolished and a secular and democratic state be established that will not be exclusively for one “chosen” people, but for all people of the land, regardless of their religion, ethnicity or race. To reach that goal, it’s crucial for the American people to get educated on the truth and force their government to cut all aid to the apartheid regime.


False Flags Or False Theories? 

 In order to give any kind of analysis, one has to start from some fundamental principles and truisms. And, those basic and fundamental principles that we base our analyses on have to be historically, socioeconomically and politically consistent and be based on facts and reason. For example, we know that left free and uninterrupted, capitalists will do anything, including mass murder and ruining of the environment, even to their own long term detriment, in order to increase their profits. But we also know that their power is not limitless and they also can make mistakes. We know that the media that’s owned and controlled by them tell lies in order to distract, deceive, mislead and hide or whitewash their crimes and true intentions from the public. But, we also know that they can’t hide or misrepresent everything, though they will try; there will be holes in their accounts. We know their government will wage wars and commit crimes against humanity, but we also know that there will be resistance of some sort, by some, even if it’s misguided and reactionary. We know their war machine is most powerful, but it can’t be everywhere at once. We know they hire the best and brightest minds, but they can’t plan and implement everything perfectly and without fault and we know that they’re not without their own vulnerabilities and weaknesses. And more importantly, we know that they can’t do everything that they do, without getting some kind of blowback that can come back and haunt and trouble them, in some way or another. In other words, they’re powerful, with powerful military, weapons and propaganda capability, but they’re not God. What’s more, it would be unrealistic, pure fantasy and religion-like to, immediately and without a sober look at the facts, attribute every deed, every atrocity, every disaster and tragedy to them in a knee jerk reaction. That’s what the religious do; they attribute everything that they can’t explain to God. 

It’s been suggested, for example, that there never was any Islamic fundamentalist terror group like Al Qaeda and ISIS and they’re just fabrications to implement the government’s goal of world domination through endless wars and police states. It’s one thing to suggest that the US government found out about the impending 9/11 attacks and let it happen, for example, than to suggest that such terrorists never even existed. It’s also been suggested that the terror attacks that killed 291 people in Paris, the other day, were known by French authorities in advance and in detail, including, I suppose, how many people were going to get killed, which supposedly proves that it was a “false flag” attack. Again, it’s one thing to suggest that the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia helped create or that at least armed and funded ISIS (there is credible evidence and it was reported widely that the CIA, Saudis and other Gulf states armed them and the CIA vetted them at Turkish-Syrian border to help overthrow the Syrian government) and quite another to deny there even is such an organization. 

Some even claimed the Boston Marathon bombers were fictitious and the creation of the US government. Even the Sandy Hook massacre has been called a “false flag” attack by same, which makes you wonder if there is any limit to how crazy such claims can get. And that’s the thing about such “conspiracy theorists”: they know or care about no limits because their claims are neither based on facts, nor Logic or common sense. If you’re going to claim something without any evidence, why not go all the way, right? 

Some of these wild and baseless speculations are beyond crazy, such as the Rothschild family being the ones responsible for the Holocaust. According to this “theory” (if you can call it that), years before the Nazis came to power, the Rothschilds planned for millions of Jews to be killed so they could have the world’s sympathy to create the “Jewish state” years later, in order to ensure their continued power and wealth. That’s when all you can say is “wow”. 

Other such claims are also racist, besides being crazy, like the claims that Jews or Jewish bankers are always somehow involved in such tragedies. Speaking of racism, even the suggestion that Arab Islamists and jihadis could never have planned and executed the 9/11 attacks due to its high level of sophistication (I’m only talking about that particular part of their argument here, not what role the government had in it, if any) is racist. 

Same goes for planning and executing the Paris attacks. It’s one thing to say the authorities learned of the terrorists’ plan and did nothing to stop it and quite another to claim that it was an “inside job”. The evidence we’re told is that the government is now using it to bomb Syria and is dismantling the system of civil liberties and due process. In this worldview, there is never any opportunity to be grabbed and used as pretext; everything is pre-planned and executed according to plan. The state of Israel, which is being used to its maximum potential by imperialism to rule over the oil rich Middle East, for example, was planned and created by imperialism, rather than the latter seeing its potential and letting it or helping it be created. So it makes sense, according to this view, to go back even further and complete the speculation and say that the events prior to the creation of the state, including the Holocaust was planned by imperialism to justify the creation of the Zionist state because “hey, look how imperialism is using it”, so the whole thing must have been planned, since, as you’ll often hear from these theorists, “there are no coincidences”. 

In fact, any successfully executed atrocity must be the job of the CIA or their counterparts of their allies. Often, a correlation is found and used to justify such theories where there really isn’t any. And, if you object to their “connecting the dots”, they respond that they “don’t believe in coincidences” or that “there are no coincidences”, which is almost like saying there can’t be two different things happening at the same time or close together in time or one following the other, without having any causal or other correlation with each other. For example, one can say the rising carbon levels in the atmosphere is causing obesity and diabetes in people because the latter began happening as the CO2 levels rose. 

Some say the Paris attacks were orchestrated by the state to make it easier for police to control the crowd during the meeting on climate change that’s planned to take place in Paris. You see you can, and some do, connect anything to anything. When you free yourself of facts and reasoning and become a “free spirit”, you can say anything and if people won’t take you seriously, who cares, you always have your followers on social media.

This tendency of some on the left to call every bombing, murder and terror attack a “false flag” attack and the work of the government or governments can potentially have a disempowering effect on people and make them feel powerless, hopeless and therefore apathetic, which can work in the favor of those same governments that all bombings and attacks are attributed to by conspiracy theorists. And maybe THAT is part of their plan, too. In fact, it would not be unreasonable to assume that that is indeed part of their plan, as it can turn otherwise caring, aware and active individuals into advocates of “there is nothing you can do, so don’t even try and instead keep singing the praise of their power and invincibility” attitude. In fact, this is more reasonable to assume about them than being the master planners and executors of everything that takes place in the world. 

It’s also unrealistic to assume that the aggressive and murderous policies, wars, occupations, mass murders, oppression and exploitation by imperialism around the world would have no blowback or reaction from any group of people anywhere. It’s much more reasonable to assume that such reactions will exist than to assume super powers and airtight control over all events in the world by imperialist governments. It’s true that they want complete control and hegemony over the whole world and they do plan on it and follow through, but that still doesn’t mean everything that happens is part of their grand intergenerational plan for new world order.

The fact is that such fanciful, baseless and knee jerk speculations, some of which is motivated by racism and some by laziness and which replace fact checking, evidence gathering and rigorous analysis is unhelpful and is in fact counterproductive. Replacing facts and analysis with a general formula of “it’s them” has an uncanny similarity with religious approach, which does exactly the same thing about explaining how the universe came into existence, how it works and how we all came to be: “GOD did it”. It sure makes things a lot easier. Doesn’t it?!

What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Terrorism 

  We should mourn those killed in Paris and we should condemn in the strongest way possible the killing of innocent people. But, we should not learn bigotry and hypocrisy from US and other Western nations’ mainstream media, which would have us believe that the lives of Europeans and Americans are worth more than those in Middle East. That’s what they imply through their coverage and reporting, or lack thereof, depending on where the terror attack takes place. More people died in just the first hours of the terrorist attack on Iraq by the US military in 2003, in the name of finding weapons of mass destruction, than by the terror attacks in Paris, the other day.

Western countries are now vowing to find and bring to justice the perpetrators of the Paris attack and I hope that they do, but no one needs to search for the perpetrators of the 2003 terror attack on Iraq, which ended up killing over a million people and destroyed the country’s infrastructure and made millions homeless and impoverished. Those responsible for it are well known and those who advocated the attack happen to be among those who now talk tough about terrorists and how they should be brought to justice. They call for even more wars that will kill even more innocent people, in the name of fighting terrorists.

The Obama Administration, too, has his hands in the blood of people from Iraq and Afghanistan to Libya and Syria to Yemen and Somalia. Bombing innocent people, including children, into pieces for relatives to collect and bury is an act of terror, too. Invading and occupying countries or bombing people indiscriminately is different from acts of terror like the one in Paris only in scale and magnitude and the number of people killed as a result. Actually, the latter doesn’t even come close to the barbarism and savagery of the US, NATO and Israeli occupation forces, which if we cast aside our media induced bias, are really nothing but terrorist organizations, except much more lethal and much more powerful with the ability to kill a lot more people more quickly. The reason we view them differently is because they’re presented to us differently. The purpose of US or NATO bombings that kill just as other terrorists’ bombs kill is presented to people as having noble and benevolent goals and fighting against “the bad guys”. But, what was so noble or benevolent about killing so many Iraqis and destroying their country? What’s so noble about blowing entire families to pieces in Pakistan or Afghanistan or Yemen with drones? How is that not an act of terror? Is it okay if the purpose of the terror is the expansion of the empire’s sphere of control and hegemony and to impose its rule on foreign populations for corporate profits? The difference really, besides the magnitude and potency to kill, comes down to how one perceives one or the other, and that’s where the media of the empire comes in, with its vast resources and ability to present the most evil and vile acts as noble and benevolent.

We now live in an era when the two – NATO terror and Islamist terror – have overlapped and intertwined, as we saw how the Islamist jihadis from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other Muslim countries were armed and funded and sent into Afghanistan in 1980’s to fight the Soviets and now similar Islamist terror groups, like the ISIS, are again being armed and funded by the West and their allies in the Gulf, most notably Saudi Arabia, to try and overthrow the government in Syria. So, you see, even the Islamist terror was created by the original terror of imperialism. Not only did imperialism decimate the progressive and socialist forces all over the world, thus creating a vacuum for Islamists to fill, but it also directly encouraged the latter as a tool to fight the former, which was considered a bigger threat to imperialism than Islamic fundamentalism.

As the ranks of secular progressives and anti-imperialist forces depleted due to relentless crackdown, people in Middle East, West Asia and North Africa, who had been subjected to imperial tyranny for decades, began looking up to Islamists to stand up to imperialism. This transformation was accelerated and accentuated by imperialism, as it saw the latter not only as less threatening and a more manageable challenge, but also as a tool to fight and prevent the resurgence of secular left and socialism. Throughout the strategically and economically vital and oil rich Middle East, despotic and brutal caliphates and sheikdoms were kept in power to keep imperial rule unchallenged. This three pronged strategy – heavy crackdown of the left, support for brutal kings and dictators, such as the Saudis, and arming and funding of Islamist terrorists, as both a replacement for the secular left and a tool to destabilize uncooperative governments, have gotten us where we are now, with bombs blowing up in the streets of Western cities and even bigger NATO bombs in several Muslim countries, the example of which we’ve been seeing in Syria for the past five years with devastating and catastrophic consequences. And, after all this, ironically, after every bomb that goes off in the West, we hear calls for more and newer wars! The travesty isn’t just the wars that are sold to people on false premises, but that the very dangerous situation created by imperialism is used to go to even more wars and make the world even more dangerous than it already is.

The solution is not more wars, but the defeat of world capitalism and imperialism, which created this situation in the first place and establishment of a new international economic system that’s based on meeting people’s needs, rather than exploitation by a handful of giant corporations for their super wealthy shareholders in imperialist countries. That would then create conditions for new international cooperation, based on meeting each people’s needs, rather than coercion, war, oppression and exploitation, within an uneven and unfair framework of trade agreements and neoliberal policies that end up making the poor poorer and rich richer. That would also remove the need for oppressed people to fight back against their oppressors, which gives the oppressors more reason for further wars and crackdown.

The answer to terrorism isn’t more terrorism in the form of war, which kills innocent people, but in dismantling the military industrial complex that spawns wars and terror and building socialism. We have many challenges in getting there, one of the first being getting through the thick layers of lies and propaganda of the empire’s media and telling people the truth.

Another Innocent Man Is Killed by Police and No One Has to Answer For It


If you haven’t realized yet that regardless of the original crime someone is suspected of, the police in this country punish, and punish hard, anyone who doesn’t immediately and completely obey their commands, even if their commands are unreasonable, unnecessary, unjust or even illegal, especially when the suspect is African American, you haven’t been paying attention, which means you either are white or not poor or both. Blacks don’t need to be told this because they already know – every single one of them, even those who are relatively well to do. But, of course, not all Blacks will admit that because some of them, like Dr. Ben I-hate-Muslims Carson and President Obama are too busy kissing white establishment ass and will deny their own mother to win favorability with the white supremacist ruling class. 

The punishment that police impose on their suspects and proceed to execute, all on their own, and with total disregard for the law, and just because their suspect runs from them or doesn’t immediately comply with their wishes, which is considered a blow to their ego and a challenge of their power, is typically severe and brutal beating or tasing, which often leads to serious injury or death or shooting them to death. Sometimes – actually often – there isn’t even a suspicion of any crime, at all, and the result is still the same: brutal beating that too often leads to injury or death. And this practice of detaining an individual without any cause for suspicion to find out what crime they can find to charge him with, if any, is mainly reserved for African Americans.

That was the case in the killing of Freddie Grey, an unarmed young man, who was arrested without a cause in Baltimore a few months ago and died from injuries he suffered, including a broken back, while in police custody, without ever having been charged for anything. Another case that’s similar to that is that of Linwood Lambert, an innocent unarmed man who was killed by police having done no harm to anyone, without anyone being charged or having to answer for his death, as if nothing significant happened, as if some insect was squashed to death, until the video of the incident was obtained and showed on MSNBC yesterday, two and a half years after the incident. Imagine how many such cases remain unnoticed and unpublicized. 

On May 4, 2013, South Boston, Virginia police was called to a motel, where Linwood was staying because of complaints of some noises. When they arrived at his unit, they noticed he was hallucinating. So, they told him he was not being arrested, but was going to be taken to the emergency room because they said he needed medical care. Well, whether he really did or did not need emergency medical care, those officers were definitely the wrong people to get him to the care they claimed he needed because they never did take him to the emergency room and instead ended up killing him in their custody. Yep. Imagine that. It’s no exaggeration to say that being near or around the police in the US is extremely dangerous and hazardous and could result in serious injury or death, especially to African Americans, like some kind of hazardous or radioactive material.

Anyway, those officers cuffed Linwood’s hands and put him in their car and drove to the hospital. When they arrived and parked the car, Linwood broke the car window with his legs and when the officers opened the door, he ran from them towards the emergency room, hit the glass door with his body and fell hitting the ground, hard, while still handcuffed behind his back. So, the three cops did what any normal caring human being would do seeing the helpless distraught and hallucinating man shackled and on the ground: they tased him over and over and over. They yelled at him to stay on the ground and he said “OK” and stayed on the ground, but they still tased him, Repeatedly. They restrained his legs with shackles and again tasted him, while shackled on the ground and unable to move. Then, they put him back into the car, almost unconscious and shackled, to take him to jail, when it should have been even more obvious than before that he needed care, and while he couldn’t even sit up straight in the squad car, due to all the shock he had received, they tased him even more, apparently because he couldn’t sit straight! They tased him, while he was handcuffed in the car and in no position to be a threat to anyone and while he was pleading for his life: “why are you trying to kill me? Please don’t do it. Please don’t do it, please officer”. A little later, he was dead. 

All that because he ran from them, without even a chance to get away or to harm anyone. That was his crime, for which he was sentenced to death right on the spot and executed by a militarized police, which has nothing in common with traditional urban police and everything in common with military occupation force facing enemy combatants they’re trying to defeat and crush. 

Israel Wants the US to Raise its Aid to $5 Billion

 Israel wants the US to increase its aid to $5 billion a year after a recent increase raised it to $4 billion. The ethnic cleansing in occupied Palestine is costing more than expected even with US giving them all the bullets and tear gas canisters they need. Billions of dollars is already sent every year to the apartheid state that’s brutally cleansing the land of Palestinians and building settlements on stolen land, despite so many homeless, millions going hungry and government assistance to the poor being cut in the US and American infrastructure left in disrepair. The US policy of supporting, funding and aiding Israel in its ongoing genocide, unconditionally and at all cost, is truly at a level of and has all the characteristics of a total obsession. It’s not surprising that the US government would leave its own people hungry and its students burdened with thousands of dollars of debt and millions still not able to see a doctor and bridges and highways falling apart and send all the aid Israel wants in a panic and in knee jerk reaction, especially after every massacre or brutal crackdown on and crushing of Palestinian uprisings. What is surprising even to those of us who have long pointed to the importance US imperialism places on its Israeli asset in occupied Palestine is the degree of this devotion that’s taken on a quality of a total obsession. 

Unfortunately for the oppressed people of Palestine, who are suffering and dying everyday under the boots of Zionism, their freedom is predicated upon major changes in the US, where the poor and especially poor blacks are also getting killed on a daily basis. Israeli leaders know that and that’s why their agents work with the CIA in many different countries, including in the US against US citizens.