The Lies We’ve Been Told about “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”


 The story of “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” has been nothing but one big lie from the beginning to now. All the statements by U.S. politicians and media for 67 years about both peoples claiming and fighting over the same land, about the “conflict” not having an easy solution and how this has been going on for ages and will never change are all lies and fabrications, deliberately told to obfuscate and hide a simple fact that’s the root of the “problem”, which is the occupation of Palestine by European Zionist Jews who went to Palestine to materialize their dream of a “Jewish state”. 

It may at first sound like an innocent goal, but only if you completely disregard the millions of victims that such undertaking would necessarily have. Fair minded people who cared the least bit about freedom, democracy, peace and justice could have seen from the outset the disastrous consequences such a project would have for the Palestinians, whose fate was being decided in Europe and with no regard for their lives, livelihood and freedoms. 

Some did see and oppose it, including Jews who had already seen the worst that human beings were capable of in the name of racial superiority and ethnic cleansing. But, the lives and freedoms of the people of Palestine, who were being selected from thousands of miles away to be the next collective victims of oppression, mass murder and genocide, was the last thing on the minds of the European Zionists or the leaders of imperialist countries, who had just gone to a world war that extinguished some 40 million lives, over which imperialist country gets which part of the world to exploit and plunder. 

Palestinians were Arabs. How important could their lives be, anyway? It’s not like they were Europeans or North Americans or Australians. Besides there were so many Arabs. In fact, one of Zionists’ arguments in defense of creating a “Jewish state” for Jews in Palestine was that there are many Arab countries where Palestinians could go live in. This of course flies in the face of another one of their lines, which is that Palestine was a land without a people for a people without a land. Palestinians, who supposedly didn’t exist, had to be massacred in the tens of thousands, terrorized, evicted from their homes and driven into refugee camps in neighboring countries in the millions and those surviving the onslaught would have to face a brutal occupation force that treated them like subhumans – even worse than animals – and used every opportunity to kill, imprison and drive out of the land of the Jews.

Any person with a trace of humanity and compassion could have seen where this was going. The founders and subsequent leaders of the state have made no secret of what it would take to make their “Jewish state” a reality: occupy the land and drive out Palestinians with “ultimate force”. Creating a state for a particular people with a particular religion or ethnicity at the exclusion of others means ethnic cleansing and forced displacement for those you succeed in driving out and apartheid and discrimination for those who remain. Neither of these is possible without racism. And racism is precisely what’s drilled into people’s heads in order to maintain the state. 

But, what exactly is being maintained at the cost of so much bloodshed, oppression and misery for the victims of the occupation? Privileges for the “superior race”, which are denied to the “inferior race” and with that what’s sustained is hatred and violence. What’s maintained is the institutional discrimination, systematic killings – “targeted” and indiscriminate – arrests and detentions of even children, mass incarceration, beatings, home raids, home demolitions, humiliation, starvation, military checkpoints and occasional full fledged massacres, like the one in Gaza last year. 

These atrocities naturally would invoke uprisings by the victims, which give yet another pretext to the occupiers to resort to even more violence, more oppression and more killings, made easy for the soldiers by the virtue of racism. And, that’s what we’re witnessing again in occupied Palestine these days. Genocide and mass extermination is the only logical outcome of such racism, ethnic cleansing and apartheid. Any act of resistance on the part of the occupied is considered a threat and challenge to the state, especially when it’s by the “inferior race” who have no right to be there or to be alive, in the first place.

So, you see, this has nothing to do with which of the two peoples have the right to live there or which people the land belongs to. Nor is the situation due to a perennial and age old hostility between two peoples fighting over the same land. All these are distractions and diversions from the true root of the problem which is the occupation, ethnic cleansing and apartheid in order to take the land from a people with the wrong religion and ethnicity and settle those of the desired or chosen religion and ethnicity. 

Only a secular and democratic state that treats all as equal human beings with equal rights, regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity can put an end to the “conflict” and the killings. The only way that can happen is for the Zionist state to be dismantled so the new can be created. That will take an international effort. All aid and support to the apartheid/settler state must end and people all over the world must join the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement.


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