Palestine: A Litmus Test for Progressives


No other political or geopolitical subject in the world provides as clear a test or measure for assessing one’s political positions and a way to distinguish people’s friends from foes as does Palestine. The reason for that is that no other people in contemporary history have suffered under U.S. and global imperialism for as long and as severely and unrelentingly as the Palestinian people. No other front in the global struggle against imperialism is as just and as urgent as the struggle of the Palestinian people against imperialism. And, no other front against the people of the world is considered as important and key, strategically and geopolitically, for US imperialism, and nowhere does the latter throw as much resources, both military and propaganda, to keep its military assets as in occupied Palestine. Israel is so indispensable for US imperialism that the U.S. will do anything to keep it to further its global imperial agenda. 

This reality makes freeing Palestine the number one priority of the international movement for social and economic justice. A victory against Israel is a deciding and major and possibly even fatal blow to imperialism. This is the proverbial hill to be taken at all cost. This is where the battle raging against imperialism is most fierce and unforgiving. And this is where imperialism spends its most effort to mislead and misinform its population, with the full and compliant cooperation of all major media of the empire, which faithfully and reliably stay in line and maintain the empire’s fabricated narrative. Every effort is made to keep the truth about the occupation and brutal ethnic cleansing and genocide from the American people. In fact, no other project or strategic undertaking by imperialism has been the subject of as much propaganda and systematic disinformation, using all the corporate media to the best of its potential, as on the subject of Palestine and its occupation.

The struggle to free Palestine is therefore simultaneously a struggle against imperialism with far-reaching consequences for all the peoples of the region and beyond. The opposite is also true: opposing imperialism and its endless wars and atrocities overseas is at the same time also against Zionism and the colonial settler and apartheid state of Israel. This is why all supporters of Israel, without an exception, support or at the very least remain quiet and uncritical of US imperialism, including its military interventions, coups, regime changes, assassinations, bombings and wars. This group includes liberal American Jews who support Israel. You will hardly ever hear them criticize US interventions and wars in Middle East, which destabilize the region, consume trillions of dollars that could have been spent on social programs that these liberals ironically advocate for and which cause hundreds of thousands of deaths. These Zionist liberals who call themselves “progressive” supported the war on Iraq, the sanctions on and threats against Iran and now the one in Syria because they view them as threats to the apartheid state and of course they also support the genocide against the Palestinian people because they view them as a “threat” to the existence of the apartheid state. How a “progressive” can support the ethnic cleansing, frequent massacres and forced displacement of an entire people to make it possible for a colonial settler and apartheid state to exist is beyond me. The parallel to this is that all those who support and defend imperialism also uncritically and unconditionally support the Zionist state snd that includes the entire U.S. political establishment in both parties, including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

This therefore makes Palestine the ultimate litmus test for progressives and leftists. It clearly defines who is and isn’t progressive. Liberals who support Israel out of a misguided and reactionary nationalism must make a choice between being on the side of US imperialism and the corporate empire that’s committing mass murder and war crimes in the Middle East that benefit and strengthen Israel and perpetuate the suffering of the Palestinians and the oppressed people of the region or oppose imperialism and its strongest and most reactionary and most brutal agent and client in the area.


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