The Three Front War on the Palestinian People


Once again, as they have done so many times before, the Palestinians are rising up against the injustices, atrocities, oppression, the home demolitions, the harassments, the attacks, the home raids, the humiliations, the beatings and the arrest, torture and killing of their men, women and children in the hands of the occupation forces. And once again, Israel is responding with even more barbarism and violence. Netanyahu is promising to respond “aggressively”. They’re shooting protesters with live ammunition.

In this hugely uneven fight, where the occupiers have one of the most powerful and well armed militaries in the world and are receiving an unlimited help and support from the U.S. empire, two other groups are joining in on the side of the Zionist murderers. 

One of those is the U.S. corporate media, which stays silent as Israeli forces keep shooting and killing Palestinians and dragging kids as young as 12 to jail and torture them and – this may sound unbelievable, even from psychopath Zionists who only know terror and violence and know nothing of humanity or human decency or shame – they “detain” and “interrogate” Palestinian children as young as 5 to get information on their elder family members! This has been reported by human rights organizations. Just google it. You can’t make this stuff up. 

US media that says nothing about any of these incredible atrocities and acts of genocide, immediately open their filthy Zionist mouths and scream when a Palestinian gets enough of the oppression and crimes of the occupiers and attacks an Israeli. This is the second front against the Palestinians.

But, there is also a third front, as if it weren’t enough: American “soft” Jewish Zionists, who get activated on social media and spew out their racist bullshit in a “softer” and less confrontational and more “peaceful” way, lecturing those of us who rightly put our finger on the occupation as the root of the problem and which needs to end for the hostilities to end, about the need for “both sides” to “stop killing each other”. They tell us “both sides are wrong”, that “both sides are committing violence against the other side”. This may sound evenhanded to the untrained eye, but is done with the purpose of obfuscating the real issue, which is the illegal occupation. As much as they disingenuously talk about “peace” and shed crocodile tears for those who get killed “on both sides” (as if there is even a comparison), what they really want to see and what they really advocate is for Palestinians to stop resisting and accept their faith under the occupation (or go live in another Arab country – a stupid and racist line used by Zionists). And many of such duplicitous “soft Zionists” actually consider themselves “progressive”! 

Precisely because these fake “progressives” support the genocidal and apartheid Zionist state, which they know is dependent on US imperialism, you will never hear them talk about US imperialism and its crimes against humanity. They will talk about liberal issues like income and wealth inequality, about the need for raising the minimum wage, about healthcare for everyone and forgiving student debts, but never about US imperialism and its crimes against humanity, overseas. That’s because they know the survival of the racist settler state depends on the success of US imperialism and its war crimes and atrocities, one of those crimes actually being its support of the apartheid. They know the fate of the criminal state of Israel is tied to the fate of the criminal US state.

There isn’t much we can do (for now) about the first two fronts. But, we can and must be diligent about the third. We must expose the “soft” Zionists and show that what they really mean by “peace” in occupied Palestine is continued racism, ethnic cleansing and genocide, so that their “Jewish state” can continue to exist on the backs of the oppressed Palestinian people.


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