The Most Absurd and Ridiculous Arguments of Zionists in Defense of Israel

  1. Palestine was uninhabited before the founding of the “Jewish state” and arrival of Jews looking for a country to make theirs. This is what radio disk jokey and one of the “judges” of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” show, Howard Stern, used on his radio talk show the other day to level an angry and virulent attack against Roger Waters of Pink Floyd Rock band, who’s an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism. This argument actually confirms the fact that the state was created by European Jews who went to Palestine to establish a settler state for Jews at the expense of others. It also betrays the ethnic cleansing that was implied and intended and even openly admitted by the founders of the state. Founding of a “Jewish state” (or any other, based on a particular religion or ethnicity) will by definition be based on ethnic cleansing to insure the preferred ethnicity or religion attains majority. So, the first part of this argument is true and argues against Zionism, refuting their other arguments. The second part of this argument claims there were no people living in Palestine at the time of founding the state. Not only is this a clear fabrication of history and verifiable historical facts, including photographs and living breathing Palestinians, many of whom are living in refugee camps in neighboring countries, driven there by the war and terror imposed on them by arriving Zionists, it too is refuted by another of their arguments: that Palestinians could go live somewhere else (also mentioned by Howard Stern in his angry diatribe). If Palestine was uninhabited, why ask the Palestinians, who supposedly didn’t inhabit the land, to go live somewhere else? Howard Stern used both of those arguments, which contradict each other: that the land was inhabited AND that Palestinians could go live in another Arab country.

2. There are many Arab states, but there is only one Jewish state. Palestinians could go live in any of those Arab countries. This, of course, is a proposal, rather than fact or even opinion, and as such, has nothing to do with reason or logic and is in fact absurd and nonsensical. It’s also racist in that it considers all Arabs the same and that it would make no difference to them in which Arab country and under which Arab state they live. It’s like asking Colombians or Bolivians or any other Latin American people to go live in another Latin American country since they’re all Latin, speak the same language and are all Catholics. It also again betrays the ethnic cleansing inherent in this absurd argument. Howard Stern gave the example of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where Palestinians could move to, to leave Palestine to Jews.

3. Being against Israel is the same as being against Jews and is therefore antisemitic. This is obviously a way to deflect criticisms of Israel by calling the critics who point to the illegitimacy of the settler and apartheid state and its ethnic cleansing as racists. During his angry rant against Roger Waters, against whom he leveled several epithets, Howard Stern kept asking: “what is it with Roger Waters and the Jews”, distorting Waters’ criticism and making it look like he’s against Jews, rather than Israel. No other state is equaled with the people living under it. No one would say criticizing the U.S. is racist against white Christians or criticizing the government of China is racist against the Chinese or of Saudi Arabia is racist against Arabs. Here too, once again, there is ethnic cleansing implied. Equating Israel with Jews implies Israel is the same as and for the Jews, only. To make that possible, Arabs must be driven out since they shouldn’t be the majority.

4. According to the Bible, Palestine belongs to Jews. If we take the Bible as a historical record, which is by far the more respectful way to treat this argument, all that it conveys is that thousands of years ago, Jews lived there. Others make that same argument, without invoking the Bible. But, what does that have to do with creating a state for Jews only? The issue isn’t whether Jews lived there or not. Jews lived in Palestine, as they did in places that ended up to be a part of many other countries. Arabs also lived there and so did Christian Armenians. Palestine was not a homogeneous nation inhabited by only one people. Not many nations are. There are several ethnicities and religions living in most countries, including in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Lebanon and most others. The problem is the cleansing of the land of one people to make room for and settle another (ethnic cleansing) and giving rights and preferential treatment to one “desired” people, while suppressing and discriminating against another (apartheid).

5. Those who are against Israel, want to push Jews into the sea or otherwise expel or kill them. This argument turns the reality on its head and claims exactly the opposite of the real story, which is that Israel is the one actually doing everything it can to make Palestinians leave (it also says they should) and is keeping those who were driven from their homes from returning to their homes from refugee camps, where they have been living for 67 years. Anti-Zionists don’t want to see Jews or anyone else expelled (with the possible exception, in my view, of those who went to occupied Palestine in recent years to settle in illegally built settlements in violation of international laws). What anti-Zionists want is that all people be treated equally with the same rights, regardless of their religion or ethnicity (end of apartheid) and the end to the occupation of Palestinian lands and settlement building for Jews and the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes (end and reversal of occupation and ethnic cleansing) and the establishment of a secular and democratic state for all peoples of the land (dismantling of the state of Israel).

6. If Palestinians are allowed to go back to their homes from which they were driven into refugee camps and become equal citizens with equal rights to Jews, then the state of Israel as a “Jewish state” won’t be possible. This is like saying if South Africa were to end its apartheid when it still was, then it would not be apartheid anymore. This once again shows that Israel is indeed built on ethnic cleansing and apartheid. A secular and democratic state that represents all the citizens equally won’t be concerned which ethnic group will be the majority. Since a democratic state won’t discriminate against any minority, the minority won’t need to kick out the majority by the use of military power to make itself the majority and then keep the majority out by force to maintain its apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

7. Both Israelis and Palestinians are committing violence against each other. They both need to stop killing each other. This assertion pretends to be fair and evenhanded, but its real purpose is to ignore and make people forget that this is not a reciprocal or even fight where both sides are guilty. By putting equal blame on both sides, those who make this argument hope we’d forget about the occupation, racism, ethnic cleansing and apartheid which ultimately leads to genocide. They want us to forget that one side is the occupier and the other the occupied. One side is committing genocide and the other is resisting. One side has one of the most powerful militaries in the world and most advanced and lethal weapons, while the other doesn’t even have an army and is no match for the military power of the occupiers. It’s like saying both the rapist and his victim who resists are equally guilty of violence hoping we’d be distracted from and forget the rape itself. It’s like saying the Nazis who were trying to exterminate the Jews and the Jews who occasionally resisted were both to blame for the violence. Just to be clear and make sure Zionists don’t use this point to attack and discredit me, I’m not saying Israel has killed as many Palestinians as Nazis killed Jews, What I’m saying is that equating the occupiers and perpetrators of ethnic cleansing with those who put up a resistance to it is absurd, illogical and above all dishonest with the goal of whitewashing the occupation, atrocities and the crimes.

Whatever arguments Zionists, including those who advocate “two state solution”, throw at us, they can’t get away from the fact that Israel is founded on racism, ethnic cleansing and apartheid. The creation of such a state has to involve military occupation of the land, forced displacement of the indigenous population and apartheid and discrimination. Such a state can’t help but commit atrocities and ultimately genocide against the natives it tries to cleanse the land of and keep out, since there will naturally be resistance. And, facts bear this conclusion out. There are daily killings of Palestinians with total impunity, home raids in the middle of the night, widespread incarceration and torture, including of children, as reported repeatedly by human rights organizations, home demolitions, shooting at stone throwing children, military checkpoints, a wall of separation and occasionally, even a full-fledged military attack against the besieged and defenseless people, using fighter jets, tanks, attack helicopters and navy ships, killing thousands of people whose land has been occupied and who have no way of defending themselves. These are the naked facts that Zionists can’t get away from. We should all be armed with these facts to spread the truth to the American people and try to turn the tide.


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