Russian Intervention in Syria Exposes US Lies and U.S. Responds With More Lies and Bravado!

 Despite all the rhetoric and fierce propaganda against Russia and President Putin in particular within U.S. media and government and calls to confront and stop his “aggression”, Russia has left the U.S. and its allies alone to do whatever they want around the world, unchallenged and without answering to anyone for their actions, for decades. They invaded Afghanistan where they continue to commit atrocities and Iraq on lies and false pretexts and virtually destroyed Iraq causing the death of over a million people. Using unmanned drones, they conducted a campaign of bombings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, killing thousands of the citizens of these sovereign nations, including hundreds of children. They kidnapped men from Afghanistan and flew them to Guantanamo Bay prison without having any legitimate legal jurisdiction or justification or international mandate, without any charge or due process and without an end, and used interrogation techniques that have been described as torture by human rights organizations. They attacked Libya and overthrew its government, after an intense and sustained bombing campaign, leveling countless buildings, destroying the nation’s infrastructure and killing thousands of its civilian population and making the country ungovernable, all on the false pretext of creating a “no-fly” zone to protect the civilian population from the government. They continued their support for the dictatorship of Bahrain as it continued to kill its own people fighting for democracy. They supported the bombing of Yrmen by Saudi Arabia. They continued their unconditional aid and support for the apartheid state of Israel, as it continues its ethnic cleansing, settlement building and genocide and even in the face of its brutal attack on Gaza, when it massacred over 2000 defenseless Palestinians. They intervened in Ukraine and helped organize a coup at Russia’s doorsteps with the help of old Nazis and began stationing heavy weapons and equipment there including warships and missiles pointed at Russia. They imposed heavy sanctions on Iran to force it to abandon its legal research and development of nuclear power, which as a member of NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) is entitled to. They helped arm Islamist terrorists and mercenaries to try and overthrow the Assad government with arms and funding from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel in addition to the U.S. And, finally, realizing the terrorists were not winning and the government was getting the upper hand, they began bombing the country, ostensibly to fight and defeat ISIS, without the agreement and over the objections of the government and without a declaration of war or a UN mandate. But, after a year of bombing within the country, not only did ISIS not get weaker, it grew stronger and the number of Syrian casualties and refugees increased dramatically. It was only after all this that the Russians finally decided enough was enough and began bombing ISIS positions in Syria with the blessing of the government. That’s hardly being “aggression”.

In fact, what has made the world a more dangerous and volatile place is the fact that there is no government to seriously challenge the aggression of the U.S. and its allies, unlike the time when the Soviet Union provided some level of balance and put a lid on US aggression and militarism. Now that Russia has drawn its line in Syria, US leaders and policy makers are enraged and fuming at the mouth over Russians’ decision to go after ISIS for real, after waiting for over a year only to realize the U.S. wasn’t going to do it. As stated by the U.S. State Department spokesman in response to Russians’ offer to have the U.S. give them ISIS coordinates to hit, U.S. “goals in Syria are different from Russia’s”. That’s because they want to overthrow the regime not defeat ISIS that’s fighting it. 

Now, even liberals like Howard Dean are calling for a “no-fly zone” in Syria to stop Russia’s “aggression”, which could potentially start a war with the country. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as a National Security adviser under President Carter and is credited with arming and funding the Mujaheddin in 1980’s to fight the Soviets, which started the trend of arming Islamist terrorists for military and geopolitical gain, wrote in an article for the Financial Times on Sunday that if Moscow doesn’t stop its bombing, Washington should retaliate. “They could be ‘disarmed’ if they persist in provoking the US.”, he added. “In these rapidly unfolding circumstances the US has only one real option if it is to protect its wider stakes in the region: to convey to Moscow the demand that it cease and desist from military actions that directly affect American assets,” he said. “The Russian naval and air presences in Syria are vulnerable, isolated geographically from their homeland,” This is an honest admission that despite all the talk about Syrian casualties, which apparently are caused only when Russia intervenes, what the U.S. is concerned about isn’t people getting killed in the hundreds of thousands and becoming refugees in the millions, but “to protect its wider stakes in the region” and “American assets”. His attitude is the same as when advising on using Islamist terrorists against the former Soviet Union. The last thing on his mind was the human cost and the consequences of that action for years to come. One is also reminded of President Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, who was asked if the sanctions on Iraq that according to the UN had cost the lives of half a million Iraqi children, was worth it to which she said “yes”. It’s also the same as Henry Kissinger’s attitude about US ally Indonesia’s invasion and occupation of East Timor and their subsequent massacres and atrocities against the people, which resulted in the death of up to 80,000 Timorese with US complicity and green light. Kissinger advised the Indonesian dictator who was getting his weapons and advice from the U.S. that whatever he does to do it quickly! It was the same attitude about the 8 year war between Iran and Iraq that started when Saddam invaded Iran. Kissinger and others in the U.S. government said: “Let them kill each other”.

There are far too many such examples to cite them all here. The point is: the U.S. concern has never been for the Syrian people. Nor has its purpose from its military intervention in Syria been to fight the terrorist group ISIS. On the contrary, they often fund and arm such terrorists for political expediency. That’s exactly what they did when they began arming the Islamist mercenaries in Syria. Even New York Times was compelled to report on it on 21 June, 2012 in a piece titled: “CIA Said to Steer Arms to Syrian Opposition”.

The real and arguably the only major aggressor in the world is the US and its allies, not Russia or Iran which have seen the U.S. overthrow one government after another with impunity and without answering to anyone for its actions, in order to reach total and complete hegemony in the Middle East and the entire world for its corporations, making the world a seriously dangerous place and raising the risks of another world war. If anything, Russia’s much belated intervention is actually very restrained. 

But, that’s not what you’ll hear on CNN or MSNBC or other networks that act as if they belong to the Pentagon and the Administration. They keep repeating Pentagon’s lies without challenging or questioning or researching, as if the Pentagon is their journalist. When taking a break from their endless speculation as to whether Jo Biden will run for president or “analyzing” every stupid and bigoted thing Ben Carson or Donald Trump says or who will be the next House speaker, they repeat Pentagon’s fabricated story that 4 of the 26 missiles fired from a Russian warship in Caspian Sea and intended to hit ISIS targets in Syria went off course and landed in Iran, which both Russia and Iran have denied. But, of course, the narrative is that they’re lying because Pentagon said it. They call that news. The purpose of this latest fabrication and lie is to show that Russia’s bombs can’t be trusted to hit their intended targets and that they “will cause casualties”, unlike the U.S.’ which presumably are much more accurate and don’t cause casualties. That’s exactly what a military official said on CNN yesterday. CNN wasn’t concerned about “further escalation” or more casualties when the U.S. began bombing in Syria, but now that Russia is involved, they are. And this is only a few days after the U.S. bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan that killed patients, doctors, nurses and other staff who volunteer to give care in poor countries. 

It’s now been a quarter century since the breakup of the Soviet Union, which left the U.S. empire to do whatever it wants unchallenged. In all these years of plotting and strategizing and overthrowing governments and military interventions and bombings and coups and assassinations that go back well over a hundred years, giving rise to a virtually untouchable empire of multinational corporations, enjoying the biggest and most lethal military power ever assembled, one has to ask: is the world now, after all these plots and lies and interventions and military actions, a safer place to live in? Is it a more peaceful place? Yes, it’s true: corporations and their wealthy owners are as rich as ever and more powerful than ever. But is that what humanity needs? Does that, which has been the driving force behind US policies for so long, solve all our problems? Isn’t that what has gotten us here, in the first place? Yet, it’s the same policy that continues without an end, no matter who wins the presidency. If there is any place where a regime change is badly needed is here in the United States.


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