State Department Faults Assad for Letting ISIS EXIST!!


State Department spokesman John Kirby blamed Syrian president Bashar al-Assad for the existence of Islamic State terrorists in his country! No, this is not a joke, even though it came from a clown. He said in a State Department briefing: “He [Assad] is the reason ISIL, and other terrorist groups, have been allowed to fester and grow and sustain themselves inside Syria,” Kirby said. “Assad regime has allowed groups like ISIL to fester and grow inside the country.”

How does a government purposely allow a terrorist group that’s bent on overthrowing it in order to establish an Islamic Caliphate to exist in the country? And why? Why would they allow that? Does the State Department mean the Assad government didn’t fight them hard enough? Haven’t they been accusing the regime of bombing the “opposition”, causing deaths and refugees?

The U.S. hasn’t been particularly concerned about how ridiculous they sound to the rest of the world when telling such outrageous and ridiculous lies. But, the shamelessness of the Obama Administration is absolutely astounding. They’ve made no secret of their intention to do regime change in Syria. They’ve been saying “Assad must go” for four years, while rejecting all Russian offers for a peaceful resolution, including those calling for Assad to step down, which shows what they’re really after: a corrupt puppet pro-West regime that would take orders from Washington, and have been supporting the “opposition”, which they admit consists of Islamist extremists and terrorists. They have themselves said that the opposition includes “no moderates” in their ranks, which still didn’t stop them from supporting them. And while shamelessly supporting the so-called “rebels”, while the latter continued to massacre people who didn’t agree with their Islamic Caliphate, they’ve been complaining that the secular government forces are bombing the Muslim “rebels”, causing casualties. Then, they begin bombing the country, without a congressional declaration of war or a mandate from the UN, which clearly is not just meant against ISIS, but against the government to materialize the regime change they’ve been after. And, now, they try to preempt criticism of their actions by making the ridiculous claim that the regime allowed ISIS to exist! 

Do they think we’re brain dead? I understand might makes right and that they feel they can do and say whatever the hell they please since they’re the only superpower in the world, but there was a time when even imperialism had a sliver of shame. The arrogance and shamelessness is just astounding. Lying is as common for US presidents as having lunch, but Obama has elevated the level of lies to new heights.


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