Trump Riding the Wave of Neofascism


Like many others, I too found Donald Trump to be a clown and his idiotic and ignorant statements ridiculous and laughable, when not downright racist, misogynist and offensive, ever since he announced his candidacy, in a most narcissistic and, true to form, ridiculous way. But, now that we’ve had our laughs and amusement at the expense of women and Hispanics, it’s time to stop and ponder what it means for such an openly racist and misogynist, bombastic, big mouth idiot to be the front runner of one of the two main corporate parties, vying for US presidency. 

The fact that people flock to his campaign rallies and express support for him in polls speaks volumes of where we are in the history of this country. While his decision to announce his candidacy may have been influenced by his love for attention, he soon realized the conditions were ripe for an openly anti-immigrant, racist, misogynist and pro-war candidate to run on a platform of “making America great again”, which to him and his white supporters, especially white men, means going back to the times when whites felt more powerful and didn’t fear that immigrants, Blacks and Hispanics were taking their jobs away, possibly even back to the days when Blacks were lynched or enslaved and women didn’t have as many rights. 

He’s seen what many people like in him and he’s capitalizing on it, using and inflaming the fears and insecurities among the whites. While he never boasted before about being religious or a fan of the Bible, now, he uses every opportunity to mention how much he loves it, even though he can’t cite a single verse or story that he likes in it, when questioned by reporters. He’s also more pro-war now than ever. He’s increasingly presenting himself as a true fascist, taking on all the requisite characteristics of fascism, even if artificially and opportunistically and the “right people” are responding. There were reports of people screaming “white power” during his campaign rally in Alabsma. When asked about it, all he had to say was that they’re “passionate” just like him. Although he’s always been racist and misogynist, he wasn’t exactly a fascist. Actually, many on the right have been complaining that he’s been liberal about many issues, such as advocating single payer universal healthcare. 

There are many adjectives you can use to describe Trump with, and I just used many myself, but opportunist must definitely be one of them. His use of religion to more convincingly deceive people is typical of the wealthy elite, who couldn’t care less and don’t give a “damn” about religion, but are quick to use it for political purposes.

Decades of anti-communist propaganda and pro-war nationalism drilled into people’s heads, coupled with the frequent crises, chaos and insecurities brought on by capitalism and persistent racism has created fertile grounds for the rise of fascism, which Donald Trump is capitalizing on, acting as a catalyst for it. And many are saying: bring it on. Call me crazy, but this is where the complacency of liberals and their “lesser of two evils” has brought us to.


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One response to “Trump Riding the Wave of Neofascism”

  1. peteybee says :

    On some issues, Trump is less right-wing than the other Republicans. Not that this excuses his hate-mongering in any way at all. Because he is better at marketing himself, he is actually more dangerous.

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