What Makes the US-Israeli Relations So Unique?


There are different understandings of the U.S. – Israeli relations, which is unlike any other, in its mutual interdependency, in the scope and depth of their military and intelligence cooperation and convergence and concurrence of long and short term geopolitical and strategic goals and objectives in Middle East and beyond. While some of these understandings or explanations put Israel in the driver’s seat as the one calling the shots and leading the way, with the U.S. being the follower, especially in regards to military adventures, what leaves no room for debate is who pays whom – $4 billion a year – in addition to countless advanced fighter jets, helicopter gunships, tanks, warships and other weapons and equipment. There is also no arguing which of the two ruling classes – multinational corporations and their wealthy shareholders and billionaires – make away with most financial gain, either by selling weaponry to an ever increasingly unstable and war prone Middle East, Asia and Africa or through oil and other resources or through neoliberal policies of imperialist exploitation, insured by endless wars and militarism. What’s also indisputable is that U.S. imperialism as the representative and agent of U.S. corporations and their long term plans for world domination predates Israel. 

While it is true that Israel has a very strong lobby in the U.S. and an unusually high influence on US politicians, and while it’s also true that most within the entertainment and mass media business who have a say on what to broadcast into American people’s livingrooms and what to censor, hide or lie about, are strongly pro-Israel and Zionists, neither the lobby, nor the Zionist filmmakers, writers, producers, artists, pundits and top media and entertainment managers and CEO’s are the determining factor in the nature of the relations between the two states. The determining factor is rather the fact that the state of Israel is considered the most important and vital asset of US imperialism, bar none. 

No other state within the region or anywhere else in the world can be relied upon to cooperate and assist with long term goals of US imperialism, as can Israel, not Saudi Arabia, not Turkey, not Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Indonesia, Colombia, South Korea – you name it – none. The reason for this is that none is like Israel. All of these and other states are organically created within millennia with natural boundaries and inhabitants that go back at least hundreds, if not thousands of years. Israel, on the other hand, is a colonial settler state founded on a racist ideology and on ethnic cleansing and settled by foreign settlers acting as an occupation army of paid mercenaries. This has made the very existence of the settler state dependent on US and European imperialism and their support. The only other state that resembled Israel was the apartheid South Africa, which is no more. Take away that support and the whole thing falls apart, unless Israel can blackmail the entire world with its nukes, which the West chooses to ignore. 

The unique nature of Israel makes it dependent on the U.S. and its allies and the Palestinian people hostage to US imperialism. This is why, unfortunately for the Palestinians, their liberation is tied to the defeat of US (and European) imperialism. This is why any serious and genuine anti-imperialist person must have the liberation of Palestine at the top of his or her agenda. Take away Israel and you’ve taken away the most valued asset of US and European imperialism and source of endless wars and instability in the region. Likewise, take away US and European imperialism’s support for Israel and you’ve made it hard for the apartheid to continue to exist. It’s this interdependency between US imperialism (and by extension, European imperialism) and the settler apartheid state that makes the relations what they are.

Palestine has fallen victim to imperialism like no other in recent history. Palestine is also what unites the people of the world in all four corners of the world, irregardless of their governments’ policies. No other international cause has garnered as much solidarity and unity among the peoples of the world, the vast majority of whom have no say in their government’s decisions, but are united in their commitment to the cause of the Palestinian people.


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