Democrats and the Occupy Movement


It’s fine if you’re a Democrat. And it’s fine if you’re a Bernie Sanders fan. At least you have enough sense not to be a fan of assholes like Trump or Walker or Rubio or Bush or Hillary Clinton or any other such war monger right wing asshole. But, be honest about it. Bernie is as “socialist” as Israel, which he unconditionally supports, is a “democracy”. He’s a Democrat, has been caucusing with Democrats, has been speaking as a Democrat, is running as a Democrat and has been pushing policies of Democrats, including support for Israel, the “war on terror”, domestic spying, speaking of U.S. troops in imperial wars of aggression as “defending our country” and insensitivity towards racial injustice, police brutality and mass incarceration. 
And, it’s still fine that you support him. So would I if I were a Democrat. But, it’s dishonest and disingenuous of those of you who steal and use the word “Occupy”, as in “Occupy Democrats”. The fact is that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has nothing to do with Democrats or the Democratic Party and is in fact as much against and opposed to Democrats and their policies as it is against the Republicans. The Occupy movement was born as the repudiation of the two party corporate duopoly that has dominated the political landscape in this country for so long and which has stifled all alternative viewpoints, including socialism. The two corporate parties used their airtight grip on power to create the conditions that made it necessary for the Occupy movement to come to existence, in the first place. When it became clear that the movement had momentum and potential to cause change, change that Democrats did not want despite their claims to the contrary, they began trying to co-opt it, preempt it, or to take over it and derail it. 
The truth is that Occupy had objectives totally different from the Democrats. The fact is that the Democrats have been fine with the status quo, and are as responsible as the Republicans for creating the conditions that created the enormous income and wealth gap with the 1% grabbing the vast majority of the wealth of the nation as well as for the endless wars, racial injustice, mass incarceration, the vast spying program, overseas assassinations and bombings and support for the genocide in Palestine. So to use the word “Occupy” as the group that calls itself “Occupy Democrats” does is dishonest, cynical and cowardly. And, that is another feature and characteristic of the Democrats.


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