Kentucky Police Officer Handcuffs an 8 Year Old Child


The Kentucky police officer who put handcuffs on the arms (not wrists but arms) of a third grader, keeping his arms stretched back behind his back as far as they would go in a painful position, is seen in the video that went viral telling the 8 year old child with attention deficit, who was crying from pain, that if he wants to be untied he has to ask him nicely. This is in line with how American cops become violent and brutal when someone talks back at them or refuses to comply with their unreasonable commands which is interpreted by them as challenging their power and ego.
The officer justified handcuffing the boy by saying that he struck the officer and the school administration defended his actions by saying he was doing what he was called on to do! The school’s written policy regarding the use of officers, however, states that they are only to be used to restrain the kids if they pose an immediate danger to their or others’ physical safety, which clearly wasn’t the case here. According to that policy, the officer is not supposed to try to discipline children or try to change their behavior (especially by use of force).
School policy as to what the officer was allowed or not allowed to do and the legality of his actions, notwithstanding, what many are forgetting in this virtual police state, where police officers have been given too much power and think they’re above the law and can do anything they want without having to answer to anyone, is common sense and compassion, even in regards to small children with disabilities.



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