How Most Black Personalitirs Function and Get Ahead in White Supremacist America

 After Sandra Bland, a 28 year old African American mother of two was pulled out of her car and arrested by a Texas police officer for changing lanes without signaling and refusing to put out her cigarette, who then died in police custody two days later, Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked on her Fox News show if her cigarette could have been used as a weapon against the officer. When discussing her question which has rightly been criticized as racist, Whoopi Goldberg vigorously defended her on her “View” show which she hosts with three other women, saying that she was doing her job “as a journalist”. “If we stop asking questions, how will we ever know the truth?”, she added. “We have to stop being so sensitive,” weighed in another View host, Raven-Symone.
This has become the modus operandi for many black celebrities, TV personalities and politicians, who try to fit in in a largely racist society which carefully judges their every word and action: say things that the white people can understand, relate to and accept because your likability and success depends on their understanding and acceptance of who you are and whether they can accept you as one of their own. Don’t say things that are outside their comfort level and everyday experiences. Don’t say things that’ll make you seem angry and bitter. Don’t be harsh on and come to the defense of those who say racist things. That will show you’re not “too sensitive” and don’t complain about racism which most whites don’t experience and can’t relate to. And remember: even a cigarette can look dangerous in the hand of a black person, including a black woman. Whites understand that so try to show understanding of it too.


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