Gangs of Israeli Settlers Go Around and Attack Palestinians Wherever They Find Them

Anyone who goes to Israel to “settle” in a settlement built on occupied and confiscated land, after the homes of indigenous Palestinians have been demolished, is a criminal and partner to genocide and ethnic cleansing, not just a “settler”. As if that weren’t enough, these so-called “settlers”, who go to occupied Palestine to steal the land and the lives of defenseless Palestinians, are also committing murders and atrocities with total impunity and backing of the settler state and its military that’s doing the ethnic cleansing and bringing and financing the “settlers” in the first place. The settler Zionist state is founded on racism against, displacement of and cleansing the occupied land of the indigenous population. What the “settlers” are doing to Palestinians as individuals everyday the settler state and its occupying army is doing as a state that’s based on such murders. So, naturally, there cannot be any accountability for the murderers of the occupied people by the occupying army which itself commits except on a much larger scale. 
The purpose of the criminals – that’s what they are and that’s what they should be called – who go to settle in occupied Palestine is to eliminate and wipe out the indigenous population. That’s also the aim of the colonial settler state. It should be little surprise then that such crimes and murders by “settlers” go unpunished. 
After you clear your mind of all the lies we’re told by pro-Zionist and pro-imperialist media about the “war of religions” and “two peoples fighting over the same land” and “two peoples who can’t get along” and “a conflict with no easy solution”, etc., etc., you realize that the truth is much simpler than what we’ve been told all along by Zionists and their imperial supporters. The truth is that a people are occupied by a colonial settler state that’s engaged in and commits ethnic cleansing and genocide against the occupied people with the help and support of imperialism headed by U.S. 
Any individual, group of individuals, organization or state that’s supporting this crime against humanity, this crime against a part of humanity, which is the nation of Palestine, is a partner to this crime and therefore a criminal. Any person who’s supporting this genocide, even by giving his or her “moral support” to the criminal Zionist state is participant to this crime against humanity. There might have been time when Jewish people who supported the “Jewish state” could be forgiven for their foolish, misguided and racist “nationalism”, but after seeing and hearing so much crime and murder and massacre and injustice, it’s a crime to continue to support the Zionist state in any way, shape or form, including purchasing its products or by whitewashing and justifying its crimes based on one’s religion. It’s time to tell it as it is. The U.S. government along with all its senators, representatives and officials who support the occupation, are partners to this crime against humanity. 
We must stop being indifferent and start taking a stand. The situation has gotten so bad that silence isn’t forgivable anymore, whatever one’s religious beliefs or affiliation. It’s time to speak the truth and spread it far and wide. Social media is our best vehicle. We must use it to spread the truth. We must speak out and educate those who still aren’t. We must become the global army of liberation using the power of truth telling and sharing.



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