Boycott Apartheid Israel

With California State Assembly in Sacramento passing a resolution that criticizing apartheid Israel is the same as anti Semitism, which emboldens university and college administrations in California to curb critical speeches against the Zionist settler state, we are reminded once again how deeply entrenched Zionism and pro-Israel politics is in the minds and culture of US politicians and how difficult it is to struggle against that reactionary and genocidal mindset. The struggle against apartheid South Africa which similarly took place on US campuses in the 1980’s and early 90’s was never and nowhere near this difficult. Nor it illicit this kind of shameless reaction which tries to criminalize free speech in order to maintain and continue the pro-Israel mindset and culture. 
Although U.S. imperialism stubbornly and doggedly supported the racist white rule in Pretoria until its very end, it never fought as hard and as openly to keep the racist rule in South Africa as it is to maintain the status quo and brutal occupation and apartheid in Palestine. Basically, it sees Israel as an extension of itself in the heart of oil rich Middle East, politically, militarily and economically. US imperialism and its entire ruling class not only views Israel as a reliable and perennial ally in the region whose existence depends on US support, but it views the apartheid and settler state as vital for its success in maintaining and strengthening its control of and hegemony over the region and beyond. Without a strong footing in Middle East, aided by the occupation regime, the U.S. and its European allies could not be confident about maintaining their grip on Africa and Asia and make their provocations against Russia and threaten Iran and elsewhere.

But the very fact that the campus activism against the apartheid state and specifically the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement scares them is testiment to its efficacy in the fight against this two headed monster. 

The cowardly reaction of the U.S. 1% to our activism against apartheid Israel must increase our resolve and our confidence that we are fighting the right battle and in the right manner. Freeing Palestine from the brutal US/Israeli occupation has become one and the same as freeing all the people of the world from the tyranny of the Empire, from the streets of South Central Los Angeles to Ferguson, from Baltimore to Sweatshops of Bangladesh, from Ukraine to Gaza and from Colombia to Greece. 


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