Capitalism fanning the flames of White Supremacy 

The corporate media and the politicians, from President Obama to presidential candidates and local politicians in Charleston, keep talking about the massacre at AME Church as if it’s just another case of a “deranged” and “disturbed” young man with easy access to guns going off the deep end and shooting at and killing some innocent random people, while on the side and as an afterthought, also mentioning that it was a “hate crime” and “racially motivated”, which is all nonsense and a big lie. What such disingenuous explanations do and are meant to do is to make us forget or ignore the role of the economic system and those at the top of the food chain who run and benefit from the system in creating an environment of racism and scapegoating of the racial minorities, presenting those who happen to be the biggest victims of the system as the ones responsible for its failure. 
The young man who committed the massacre was asked by the judge yesterday if he was employed – which was possibly the most key question to ask of him – to which he replied “no”. Who do you think he blames for that? The corporations and their large shareholders Who also own the media and the propaganda machine? The multibillionaires and their lobbyists? The rigged and auction style elections where the highest bidder wins which guarantees the continuity of the system and prevents change? Those who ship jobs to where wages are a dollar a day, driving wages further down here? Of course not. He blames it on those who he thinks are the reason for the social and economic problems. He had lamented in a rant before the massacre that “he wanted to take his country back” from blacks who “have taken over our country”. 
When the system and those who run it have no answer for why there are no jobs and why the already poor are getting poorer and young people see no hope for their future, they put the blame on the minorities. This is what happened in Nazi Germany in 1930’s, which gave rise to a government that thought just like Dylann Roof, except that their hatred was against the Jewish minority and the entire power of the government was at their disposal, which allowed them to kill a lot more innocent people than Dylann Roof. If conditions continue as they are, there probably will be more Dylann Roofs and more massacres of innocent people. Even without such white supremacist crazies, the government of the wealthy too has been gearing up and preparing for harsher suppression of dissent and acts of resistance which flare up occasionally as riots. That’s the reason for militarizing the police and giving them more rights over people.
Now, sell out demagogues like Rev. Al Sharpton, who has a whole hour on MSNBC to dedicate to praising Obama five days a week, want a national dialogue on race and racism. What are they going to tell young white people with no hope for future? Are they going to tell them not to hate blacks, while President Obama continues to betray his people and collude with white supremacist ruling class of billionaires to make them even richer than they are in total disregard and contempt for the poor and minorities? Or are they going to tell the truth as to where the real problem is? Of course, we all know the answer to that question. So, should we go back to discussing “the mental health” of people like Dylann Roof as some talking heads on TV want to do? Or should we continue to debate whether the massacre was a “hate crime” or “domestic terrorism”? 


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