Massacre in Charleston

The massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, where 9 black churchgoers were shot and killed inside their church by a white supremacist, is the latest act of terror against and assassination of the black community, coming after a series of high profile assassinations of unarmed black men by the police that included the shooting of 12 year old Tamir Rice, shooting in the back of Walter Scott, choking to death of Eric Garner, shooting to death of Michael Brown when he had already surrendered, Freddie Grey who was falsely arrested and fatally injured when he was given a “rough ride” in police van and many others, not to mention a long history of massacres and violence against blacks in decades past. After most of such cold blooded assassination of innocent and unarmed black men and women, which are obviously driven by hate and racism, the officers are either not charged or, if they are charged, are acquitted, as was George Zimmerman after killing of unarmed Trayvon Martin. The state has been complicit and an enabler of such violence by refusing to prosecute the perpetrators in most cases. Every 28 hours, an African American is killed in the hands of the police in the U.S., without ever getting a chance in court; yet, President Obama, as the representative of the white supremacist corporate state, signs a bill called “the blue alert” system “to protect police officers” from threats made against them!
The massacre in Charleston was obviously committed by a deranged and racist individual, but occurred within a culture, context and a long history of persistent and institutionalized racism and violence, much of it perpetrated by the state and encouraged by corporate media. Notwithstanding assaults and massacres of blacks by white individuals, like the one just carried out, most of these racist assaults are carried out by the state, which also methodically and systematically sends thousands of black men and women to jail for long periods, on false and fabricated or minor charges. What is really taking place against the African American community is state terror, not just “hate crimes”, but terrorism, with the total complicity of the corporate media. 
If there is one thing that’s clear here is that if this massacre were committed by a Muslim, it would have been called an act of terrorism and part of world terrorism being waged against the U.S., which supposedly justifies the “war on terror”. But, the truth is that non-Muslim white Americans have committed far more acts of terror, specifically against blacks ever since the first African slaves were brought over than Muslims in the U.S. against Americans in general. There is therefore much more reason to call such acts an act of terror than those by misguided and violent Muslims who in their minds think they’re taking revenge on the U.S. for its aggression in the Muslim world. The reason for the hypocrisy and double standard is that not only the government of the corporations benefits from the “war on terror” lie, which is meant to garner support for endless wars against Muslim nations, but also because the state itself is part and parcel of state violence and terrorism against African Americans, whom it considers a threat and potentially an enemy. 


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