Donald Trump Becomes the Latest Candidate for President 

One of the many harms and ills that capitalism causes in people and in human societies is that it brings out, sharpens and encourages the very worst in many and puts the worst among us: selfish, self-centered, uncaring, unsympathetic, sociopathic narcissists and assholes – and I mean that literally, rather than to be facetious – with an infantile and overblown ego, in high places with big bank accounts. What’s more it also encourages and rewards ignorance, racism, sexism and oblivion about social and societal issues that affect them and others around them. What a combination, right? 
Speaking of selfish, ignorant narcissist assholes, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2016, yesterday and immediately became the subject of discussions on network news. Think about it. He is a billionaire, while honest hard working people who work two or three jobs to raise a family, live on starvation wages, young African American men and women are wasted away in the prisons of the system – some of them private and for profit making sure they stay incarcerated as long as possible and return if released – and children of the poor never realize their potential, while crooks like Donald Trump who do nothing useful or productive and get rich off other people’s work, many of them immigrants whom he bashes, get to stand in front of national cameras and microphones to spew out sheer garbage and ignorance with a chance to participate in presidential debates, while so many good natured, honest, intelligent and thoughtful people never get a chance to be heard. That a society would naturally and organically, through its own laws of motion and functioning, produce such results is more than enough to see how rotten the system is and how urgently it’s in need of complete and total overhaul.
Now, I’m not suggesting that all billionaires are like him. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are quite smart in addition to being crooks and know exactly how to ensure the system’s continuity. Most of them supported Obama and would probably support Hillary or Jeb Bush next time, instead of Donald Trump, which only goes to show their scrupulousness, which helps maintain the system’s existence. But that’s another story deserving its own space.
Evil and ignorant assholes aren’t only the product of capitalism, but capitalism by nature is a system that allows crooks, charlatans and parasites like Donald Trump to rise up in stature and accumulate wealth and power. In a non-capitalist system low life people like him would be doing actual work, probably manual work, instead of having a show on TV and then becoming a candidate for president and getting a chance at insulting the very people who work in “his” hotel-casino. Couldn’t we humans do better than this? 


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