The World Since the Fall of the Soviet Union

This may be surprising to many people, but surprising or not, the events of the last 25 years have made it amply clear that the world has became a much more dangerous and oppressive place and people the world over have became subjected to more exploitation, poverty, wars and repression since the fall of the Soviet Union. The U.S. and the NATO have basically succeeded in invading and occupying Georgia and Ukraine at Russia’s borders. They have moved heavy weaponry into and are fast turning Ukraine into a NATO base to be used against Russia in the future. The European Union and the International Monetary Fund have quietly crept into the country and set up shop, turning the once key Soviet Republic into a dependent client for US and European imperium, with eye on even more encroachments to come in the future, preparing, if not planning, for war with Russia. As Einstein once said, it’s impossible to plan for war and work for peace. You get what you plan and prepare for. Meanwhile, US keeps pushing the Chinese with its naval buildup in the Pacific and the Chinese shores. 
As did so-called “free trade” agreements of the past, the new TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) promises to cause more poverty in the participating nations, including in the U.S., by imposing austerity measures on debtor nations that take out IMF loans and moving American jobs to places with slave and starvation wages, while removing or blocking local regulations that protect individual nations’ labor and environment, resulting in them giving up their national assets and ultimately their sovereignty.

Domestically, the U.S. has upped its surveillance of its citizens, punished its whistle blowers and militarized its police to better crush dissent. The fall of the Soviet Union has also given the U.S. dramatically increased opportunity and freedom to wage imperialist wars and even to go after Russia with dangerous provocations at its borders. 
Ironically, while the West was critical of the former Soviet Union for being undemocratic and for not allowing pro-capitalist organizations with ties to world capitalism to be created and to operate, which was the main reason for the West’s consternation, now, the U.S. is itself fast moving to take away its citizens’ civil rights, giving its police more rights than ever to arrest protesters and break up demonstrations, militarizing its police, spying on its citizens and jailing whistle blowers, which all amount to exactly what they were criticizing the Soviet Union and other socialist countries for. But, while the latter were in an existential fight for survival against world imperialism, hell bent on its destruction, which justified, if not all, but most of what they were being criticized for, the U.S. and its allies don’t face such existential danger. On the contrary, they’re on the offensive around the world to spread the reach of their corporate empire and hegemony ever more widely and thoroughly. And as the U.S. and its allies take over new territory and enslave more people and wage more wars of conquest, the more undemocratic they become.
Today, we live in an extremely unbalanced and lopsided world, with much of the wealth of the world being funneled into a few obscenely rich individuals, with rampant and abject poverty for much of the world’s population and increasing number of wars being started and the environment being irreparably ruined. The people of Ukraine are now facing a grim future of extreme exploitation with a few parasites and crooks with ties with imperialism getting rich, while the vast majority taste the bitter pill of imperialist domination and exploitation. 
The fall of the Soviet Union was a huge setback for not only the working people within those societies that formed the Union, but for all working people of the world, one of the biggest victims being the people of Ukraine that has become the target of imperialist aggression. Imperialism has tasted their blood and is not about to let go. 


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