Another Young Life Destroyed 

 There were three things wrong with this young man from Bronx, New York, who committed suicide on Sunday: he had dark skin, his name – Kalief Browder – was not typical for white people and he was from a poor family. He was arrested at age 16 for stealing a backpack, which as it turned out, he never did, he was slapped with a $10,000 bail which his family didn’t have (in contrast, the police officers who were charged for causing the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore had to post bails that ranged from $3,500 to $5,000), and he was kept in a New York prison for 3 years, without a trial, where he was often beaten by prison guards or placed in a solitary cell. The state didn’t have any evidence tying him to the burglary, so they kept pushing back his trial and saying they’re not ready, while he stayed in prison. When the charges against him were finally dropped and he was released, the State denied any wrongdoing. He was so traumatized during those 3 years that he took his own life.

The truth is: there was nothing wrong with this young man, whose youth was stolen from him. Not the color of his skin, not his name and not the fact that he was born into a poor family, which couldn’t hire a lawyer or even post the bail for him. He just happened to be born into a sick, corrupt and depraved society ruled by a government of racist thieves and gangsters, who have no regard for life or justice. While low life bankers and owners of corporations who steal billions from people walk free because Uncle Tom in the White House won’t dare file charges against them and while these crooks and parasites fly in their private jets, innocent young men and women are beaten and dragged to jail, where they languish for years or are shot and killed on the streets by racist police.

This young man was our friend, our brother and our comrade. He, like so many others before him, was martyred and joined the long list of the victims of this sick and evil system that only knows greed and nothing else and – let’s not kid ourselves – will not change or go away by our pleas and petitions.



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